New Water Saving Tap Device For Shower

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New Water Saving Tap Device For Shower


water saver aerators for faucetwater saving ratio>70 %Easy to use and clean

Product Details

New Water Saving Tap Device For Shower 


1. Water saving ratio>70 %

2. Suggesting use at public place for shower ,Hospital , School . 
3. Easy to use and easy to clean.


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Technical Parameters:

Name Water saver devices
Model SK-WS805
Water Saving Ratio >70%
Color Silvery
Material brass, stainless steel, Chrome Plating
Application Scope G1/2 shower
Water Pressure Range 1-10kgf/cm2 (0.1-1.0Mpa)
Water flow < 7-9 L/min (0.05-1.0Mpa ). Steady and Reliable
Net weight 47g
Gross weight 52g
Packing size inner box:7cm*2.5cm*3cm                            outer box:32cm*15cm*8cm
Warranty period 5 YEARS


The principle of operation

  1)    Water Saver has adopted the newest modern automatic limiting flow technology. Including The constant flow  device, the buffer ,big size spring,   sealed piston ,ect .The automatic detection device is composed of the filler   block of valve core and the floating piston.

 2) When water pressure increase ,The spring has been compressed. The filler  block will move upwards with the  piston together. The valid area of water  channels decrease, The water flow decrease.

3) When water pressure decrease. The filler block will move reverse direction with the piston together. The valid area of water channels increase ,the water flow increase.

4) The  filler block will move up and down with the piston according to the change of water pressure and make water flow keep a relativistic stabilization. So it can achieve constant flow goal.

5) The O-ring sealed piston make sure all water flow by water channel , Improve the Sensitivity of detection. Spring  can make the piston response quickly according to the  changing of water pressure. It will save more water than   other kinds of water saver.



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Water saving

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