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The Top Kitchen Faucet Trends 2021

Here are the latest trends of kitchen faucets that we’ll see in 2021 and beyond. Get inspiration for your next kitchen remodel. Read on!

The kitchen faucet is that piece of hardware that can add a splash of decor to the kitchen design at a relatively low cost. Changing it gives a quick face-lift that your kitchen needs, and you don’t have to go on an all-out remodeling project.

This article will look at the most popular trends of 2021 as they emerge as dictated by the kitchen hardware manufacturers, designer choices, and consumer response to them. Indeed, going through the best-seller lists at retailers shows a clear picture of what the consumers (that’s you) like to have over their kitchen sink this year.

Touch and Touchless Faucets

Designers forecast black as the second most popular finish for kitchen faucets for the next three years. They believe matte will become decorating trendier than stainless steel. The trendiest finishes for kitchen faucets also depend on the color chosen: designers predict that stainless will remain most popular, while matte seems to be next in line with becoming a decorating trend over stainless steel.


Installing a water filter into the kitchen faucet is a sensible choice. We can see it being more and more common. This doesn’t only increase the quality of drinkable tap water but also prevents limescale buildups in and on the faucet (as well as the sink).

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