Sparkling Water Faucet

The sparkling water faucet is a kitchen faucet that delivers sparkling water on demand. It resembles a normal kitchen faucet, but contains additional components that increase carbonation of the water as it exits the faucet.These components typically include a CO2 tank and a carbonator, which injects CO2 into the water as it passes through it.Soda taps under a great ionizer faucet can be a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to buying bottled soda, as they eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles and provide unlimited soda on demand. Some models may also include a filtration system that removes impurities from the water prior to carbonation, ensuring a high-quality taste.

Under Sink Sparkling Water Chiller & sparkling water faucet

The innovative bubble water chiller, which is different from the previous models, has an upgraded design with a smaller appearance. It is placed under the counter for easy storage and does not take up too much space. sparkling water faucet can produce many types of water, sparkling water, filtered water and chilled water to meet the needs of the family. Safe and healthy drinking water.

What is Under sink sparkling water chiller ?

Sparkling water chiller is under sink type,can be dispenser soda water,filtered water and chilled water.On this basis,if used with our 5-way faucet can be dispenser soda water,filtered water,chilled water and normal hot and cold water,five types water for choose.Convenient to taking soda water, good gasification effect, no need to wait too long for second time.

Schematic diagram of bubble water machine

Skfirm Under sink sparkling water chiller advantage


Drinking soda water is good for the body,help to adjust acid-base balance for your body;

2.Safer for your family 

It must be connect a water filter,make drinking water cleaner and safe to drink;


Use materials that meet international standards, ensuring product safety and performance;

4.Better for the Environment 

Instead of bottle,reduced environmental pollution,makes the world greener;


Elegance, fashion, quality and taste,easy installation.

soda water chiller

How does it works?

The soda water chiller should be located under the sink in the kitchen.The cooling capacity is provided by a compressor of with the type overload protector R134a. As example we consider the in water with a ambient temperature 25℃and, with a efficiency of 90%, we can have 6L/h of water at <5℃.

The cooling capacity depends by the temperature of place where is placed the chiller because the temperature affects the efficiency of exchanger.So you should create a ventilated space around the place where you put your machine so that the air temperature does not exceed greatly the value of 25 ℃.

This machine can be used with our 3 way or 5 way faucets to dispenser different water. You can choose the faucet according to your needs.

skfirm soda water chiller

Why choose Skfirm Under sink sparkling water chiller?


Responsive environmental protection,using materials that meet the requirements, producing high-quality, non-toxic, and harmful substance free faucets.


We have a complete casting,polishing,machining and testing production line,and assembly workshop;

All machines are 100% test before leaving the factory.

3.Professional Team

With many experience in foreign trade,we will offer personalized service to ensure that your products meet the requirements of local market

4.After-sale Service

We provide professional services and provide quick responses and solutions to your questions that you met when using our products.

5.Lead time

Time is gold for you and for us,so we have professional team work and production line can make nice quality in short time.

4 way faucet certificate


Yes,we are factory which focused on kitchen faucets for a long time.

Sure,we can offer sample to you,but the customers should be pay sample fees and courier fees.

T/T 30% deposit payment,70% balance payment before shipment.

Yes,we can print your logo on it as per your requirement if the order quantity reach 100pcs above.

Yes,we have professional forwarders who have cooperated with us for many years to arrange shipment.

Our kitchen faucets,such as 3 way,4 way,5 way faucets has 5 years warranty. 

We have a professional team,so we accept OEM if your order quantity reach the MOQ.