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Home Soda Dispenser System

Who is suitable for the sparkling water machine? See if you fall into this category?

Product Details

The first category, do not like to drink boiled water! ! ! !

Is there anyone who doesn't like to drink boiled water like me? If it weren't for salty food and talk a lot, you might really not remember drinking boiled water. I have tried brewing black tea, green tea, oolong tea, scented tea, etc., but I am very sensitive to tea. Even drinking a cup of milk tea, I can stare at the ceiling until midnight.

Later, science told me that I couldn't sleep after drinking tea because there was a substance at work-one of the four brothers in tea, the "alkaloid". There are three main parts of alkaloids: caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. These alkaloids can make you excited. And scientists have proved that drinking 50 to 150 cups of high-concentration tea every day can also cause poisoning, but this is almost impossible in life.


So, slowly I decisively gave up drinking tea. But I’m a woman. It’s too hard for a woman. I want to drink more warm water and a lot of hot water… After 27, I often control sugar and lose weight. It just hurts. The sweetness of additives is better. Sensitive, but I like the feeling of soda bubbles. It doesn't taste so monotonous and feels full.

In China, I have not found cheap and low-sugar sparkling soda water, Watsons, Mingren, and Yuanqi Forest. I prefer RIO. Although it is not a drink, hahaha but it is similar to me, so I will make it at home. Disadvantages Even if the bubble lasts not long, it is one of the exercises to get up from the chair!

The second category, like DIY drinks! !

Nowadays, more and more pot friends like to have a little affection at home. During the epidemic, we can even know Liangpi. Are we still short of this skill? ! And, sparkling wine, it’s definitely a must-have in summer. It’s more cost-effective to buy a bubbler than a box of boxes. In summer, put the water in the refrigerator. When you want to drink, take it out to bubble, or add ice cubes. , And then add all kinds of base wine, oolong tea, fruits, lemon…, summer Momo tea, make a cup of mojito, and spray flowers!


The third category, love to collect all kinds of small household appliances!

Before moving, I sold a wall breaker and a coffee machine in Xianyu. They are all brand new, but the price is super beautiful. A young lady told me that she likes to collect small household appliances and buy it back. Not necessarily used, just like it. I can probably understand it, just like we all like POP Mart's blind box, cute, like, want to buy, want!

Shouldn't soda machine, juicer and coffee machine be the best match for the kitchen water bar?

The fourth category, like to drink sparkling beverages but afraid of unhealthy drops!

For this type of baby, do I often feel like I am out of help? I am afraid of old age when I eat sugar. You can buy more than 1,000 anti-sugar pills to eat for 2 months. How many bubble water can you buy more than 1,000, but I am really afraid of getting fat? Afraid of aging~ So, homemade soda sparkling water can satisfy the taste buds’ desire for bubbles, at least temporarily deceive the stomach and keep the purse.

Drinking soda before meals can make you feel full. As for whether to reduce your food intake, it depends entirely on food intake! This pot of soda sparkling water is also not memorable.

But science says that soda water is a solution of sodium bicarbonate, carbonic acid dissolved in water is a weak acid, while sodium bicarbonate solution is alkaline. Long-term drinking is good for pH balance of acid-base, but can it be cured? I don’t dare to take it back from illness, but it’s really a boon for lovers of carbonated water addiction!


Yes, let’s talk about why some sodas have gas and some don’t, because the gas is added with carbon dioxide to work, and the gasless ones are mostly artificial. Artificial sodas are made of pure water. , Add the right amount of baking soda configuration, most of the soda sold on the market are artificially made, not natural soda.

The fifth category, rich and willful, just want to buy ~ Do you still lack friends? I'm here!


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