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The Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pull down faucets have a long flexible hose that allows the head to be detached from the spout. They are useful for daily cleaning as the extended reach simplifies tasks such as rinsing dirty dishes, filling and washing large pans or cleaning awkwardly shaped items.

There are many designs and styles of faucets with lots of different features. A top pick, the SKfirm Single-Handle is a contemporary option with a high-arc spout and unique features, such as a leak-proof design, magnetic docking and a powerful ShieldSpray Technology. Choosing the best model for your home will depend on which features best suit your needs.

What to know before you buy a pull down kitchen faucet

Pull out or pull down

A pull down faucet usually has a high-arc spout that provides a good range of motion and leaves plenty of room for putting large items in the sink. However, they require a substantial amount of headroom under the wall cabinets. Pull out options are often more compact and tend to have a longer hose.

Spray options

Ideally, look for a faucet with several different spray settings that can be selected via a button on the head. A high-pressure spray is ideal for rinsing dirty dishes, whereas a steady stream is better for filling the sink or pans.


Most faucets are available in a range of colors or metallic finishes, such as brushed nickel or stainless steel. This allows you to choose a model that can complement your existing appliances, accessories and hardware. A tarnish-resistant coating will prevent rusting and improve longevity.

What to look for in a quality pull down kitchen faucet

Hose length

As a minimum, look for a faucet with a hose that extends to the bottom of the sink. If you often need to fill pans or other receptacles with water, then an even greater hose reach will allow them to be filled from the countertop.

Tap type

Faucets come in two types: monoblock and dual tap. A monoblock is designed to fit a sink with one mounting hole and has a single lever for mixing the water temperature. A dual tap needs a sink with twin mounting holes and has two taps for separately adjusting the hot and cold water.


How the head attaches to the spout is an important consideration. A poor design may not stay in place securely or may droop over time. Some models have a magnetic docking feature, which automatically holds the head in place when the hose is retracted.

How much does a pull down kitchen faucet cost?

There are plenty of budget options in the $50 to $100 price range, whereas a high-end faucet with lots of features will start at $200. Some faucets have touch sensors for turning them on and off and can cost as much as $500.

Pull down kitchen faucet FAQ

Are they easy to install?

A.Some faucets include flexible supply lines with push-fit connectors and are easily installed with simple hand tools and moderate DIY skills. However, lack of access may require removing the sink first. If you are unsure, then the installation is best handled by a qualified professional.

Are they reliable?

A.The number of moving parts are all potential leakage points, while the quality of the hose and connectors affect reliability. A faucet made by a reputable company with a metal braided hose and threaded metal connectors will provide the best durability.

Do I need a swivel function?

A. A swivel function provides versatility as it allows the spout to rotate. This makes it easier to use the hose outside the sink and allows the spout to be moved out of the way if necessary. A faucet with a full 360 degrees of rotation provides more versatility than those with only 180 degrees.

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