​Hot & Cold and Filtered three way water tap Faucet

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​Hot & Cold and Filtered three way water tap Faucet

Product Details


Hot & Cold and Filtered Three Way Water Faucet


 SIZE 3336



                                       Technical Parameters:


Drinking Fountain Tap




Brass body  Low-lead

Water pressure



0-60 Degree


CE&ROHS approved

Packing size


Gross weight


Warranty period



How the Three-Way Thermostat Works

The three way water tap dispenses hot, cold and filtered water from the same tap, an efficient way to save space as it eliminates the need for a separate filtered drinking water tap.

Three-way thermostat faucets have:

  • The three way water tap for hot water, cold water, and filtered water are all connected to the water filtration system under the sink.
  • Two handles to mix hot and cold from one side (first lever) and deliver filtered water from the other side (second lever).
  • A spout with dual chambers inside (so no cross contamination between hot and cold tap water and filtered water).

The benefits of the three-way thermostat faucet

Three way water taps have many great benefits, and while they are not necessary for a fully functioning and beautiful kitchen, they can certainly expand the space and make it easier to get clean drinking water, and eliminate the need for an external water filter. Here are Some additional benefits:

  • Water Temperature Control: The three-way kitchen faucet allows you to better control the water temperature by operating one faucet. It saves you time and prevents you from wasting water trying to get the right temperature.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: A traditional filter faucet is installed in addition to your existing faucet, which means an extra hole in your kitchen sink and more complicated installation. The three way water tap is a simple water tap that can be installed as a DIY job in some cases.
  • Filtered Water On Demand: With the 3-way faucet, there is no need to install another faucet to dispense filtered water. You can get filtered water on-demand anytime, anywhere.
  • Design Options Thermostatic three way water taps are available in a variety of attractive designs, finishes and colours. You can choose from a vintage or classic design, or a contemporary design to match your kitchen aesthetic.
  • Economical: Use the thermostat faucet to set the right temperature more easily and quickly, no more wasting water! Better for your wallet and environment.
  • Improve the taste of food and drinks: Whether you want to drink filtered water or use it for cooking, there is no doubt that filtered water makes food taste better, and it is very convenient and ready to use at any time.




1. Finish: durable thick layer brass, polished finish resist corrosion and tarnishing.
2. Body: three way water tap made of heavy solid brass for durability & reliability. Don’t choose light weighted faucet.

3. Valve:drip free ceramic disc valves for long life and smooth feel. 



3 way 3.jpg







 Quality Assurance

* Low-lead, lead-free or dezincification brass(D.R. brass) are available;

* 100% leaking test before shipment;

* Have been cycle tested by 100,000 times under 125PSI(8.6 bars) high water pressure. 



ceramic cartridge




 Packing & shipping






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