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One of the best ways to find out what products are truly trending is to consult data from the places that sell them.

Changed dramatically in the last 10 years, as technology has finally started to make inroads in residential home building and remodeling.

Over the last five to ten years, the industry has made a solid push towards more touchless or smart home kitchen options,These choices have expanded to lower price points and moved from touchless-only or motion-activated to voice controlled. We’ve also seen an increase in finish offerings with black matte quickly moving up the ranks as a customer favorite.

Kitchen faucets are an easier piece of plumbing to change out,Plus, customers can take a slightly higher risk with a kitchen faucet than they can with an entire matched bathroom suite. We see customers installing faucets with high style. Consumers are also embracing technology in the kitchen and moving toward touchless faucets now more than ever.

So what are buyers looking for in a kitchen faucet these days? stainless steel is the number one finish across all market segments with chrome and matte black capturing the number two and three spots.

Matte black has shot up over the last year and moved from a trendy finish option to a steadily picked offering in many kitchen projects,Polished Nickel is still a large contender in the luxury and premium space and sales are continuing to rise for gold product offerings across all segments of the market.

One area that remains unclear is water conservation.  it is certainly an area of concern for customers but is not among the top considerations. But the way things are progressing in municipalities across the country and in manufacturing, the conservation is built into the units.

As national and local regulations tighten, many customers don’t have an option but to install a faucet that will aid with water conservation,While these faucets certainly provide a reduced water flow when compared to their 1990 counterpart’s, they have been engineered to offer an excellent experience in the kitchen and tackle any job. Smart home options also aid with water conservation. These faucets allow consumers to control the water flow down to the ounce.

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