One of the best ways to find out what products are truly trending is to consult data from the places that sell them. Changed dramatically in the last 10 years, as technology has finally started to make inroads in residential home building and remodeling. Over the last five to ten years, the industry has made […]

Brass Faucets Add Luxury To The Kitchen


SKfirm has introduced the latest addition to their designer kitchen faucet collection. The new line of fixtures is engineered with premium brass that provides durability and resists corrosion. The dramatic, brass faucets are available in four unique styles that incorporate comfort and flair into any kitchen. With a contemporary style, elegant high-arch spouts and gleaming […]

The Top Kitchen Faucet Trends 2021


Here are the latest trends of kitchen faucets that we’ll see in 2021 and beyond. Get inspiration for your next kitchen remodel. Read on! The kitchen faucet is that piece of hardware that can add a splash of decor to the kitchen design at a relatively low cost. Changing it gives a quick face-lift that […]

The Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet


Pull down faucets have a long flexible hose that allows the head to be detached from the spout. They are useful for daily cleaning as the extended reach simplifies tasks such as rinsing dirty dishes, filling and washing large pans or cleaning awkwardly shaped items. There are many designs and styles of faucets with lots […]

Stainless Steel Faucet Manufacturer


Faucet is one of the most common hardware, almost every family needs faucets, convenient for us to use water resources. Nowadays, the brand and style of faucet are more and more. But do you know where China’s faucet production base is? Tap production base in China In China, there are three production bases for taps. […]