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Stainless Steel Faucet Manufacturer

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Faucet is one of the most common hardware, almost every family needs faucets, convenient for us to use water resources. Nowadays, the brand and style of faucet are more and more. But do you know where China’s faucet production base is?

Tap production base in China

In China, there are three production bases for taps. One is Shuikou Town, Kaiping County, Guangdong Province. Heshanzhishan town is connected with each other. For example, the faucet factories are all from here: Huayi, Xi’en, Huandi bathroom, etc. next, Nan’an in Fujian Province, such as Jiumu, Zhongyu, Huihui, Shenluda, etc., and finally Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Material classification of faucet

1. Brass: brass is the most common material for faucet manufacture. It is made of international standard H59 / H62 copper. It is cast by gravity with steel mold, and its wall thickness is uniform, generally 2.5-3.0 mm. The faucet made of brass is characterized by non rusting, durable, anti-oxidation and bactericidal effect on water (the disadvantage is: lead is a kind of metal harmful to health, international standard) It is required that the content of lead in copper shall not exceed 2.5%.

2. Zinc alloy: low grade material, zinc alloy density is smaller than copper, feel less heavy than copper faucet, from the inner wall of zinc alloy surface is easy to oxidize, the surface will appear white oxide foam. Strength is much worse than copper, service life is not long, lead content is high, if the faucet made of zinc alloy is only 1 to 2 years, it will be oxidized and rotten In the manufacture of faucet handle. Is made of zinc alloy die casting, and then chrome plated. Most of the faucet handle on the market is made of zinc alloy.

3, engineering plastics: ABS plastic faucet has corrosion resistance, anti-aging, no rust, no lead, non-toxic, tasteless, high pressure, light weight, simple construction and low price. It is a new green environmental protection product, which makes water quality free from rust and pollution. This kind of green environmental protection product will be a kind of impetus in the tap industry and should be vigorously promoted.

4. Stainless steel: in the 21st century, health and environmental protection have gradually become the new theme of modern life. Stainless steel is an internationally recognized health material that can be implanted into the human body, so the kitchen and bathroom products mainly made of stainless steel have become popular in European and American countries. However, due to the high hardness, toughness and other characteristics of stainless steel, it is difficult to manufacture and process, which seriously affects the mass production of stainless steel faucets. Therefore, the price of the real 304 stainless steel faucet is higher than that of copper. Its characteristics are: health and environmental protection; all products are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, without rust and lead, and the tap itself will not produce water Secondary lead pollution will damage people’s health and create a healthy living water environment for kitchens and bathrooms.

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