360 Degree Swivel Extenional Faucet Aerator

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360 Degree Swivel Extenional Faucet Aerator


360 degree swivel faucet aerator.

The product is dual-function, water filterable, and can be foamed, and the product has a dual mode.

2 Water Flow Design:Soft bubble stream and strong spray.

Can be fitted to kitchen,sink faucets,bathroom taps and lavatory faucets.

Simplified design,easy to install.

Product Details

360 degree swivel extenional faucet aerator


Simply twist the faucet aerator to match your desired task.



Product Specifications

Type 360°Swivel water-saving device
Model No. SK-WS809
Water Saving Ratio > 70%
Color Silver/Black/PVD
Material brass housing, plastic valve, Chrome Plating
Application Scope Female M22/Male Thread M24
Water Pressure Range 1-10kgf/cm2
Water flow 1.5-7.5L/min (0.08-0.5Mpa ). Steady and Reliable
Feature Fully aerated stream and spray stream.two different water flow 
Dimensions Outside diameter23.5mm,High25mm
Warranty period 1 YEARS


Product features

 ◆ 360-Degree Rotate Swiveling Super Sprayer.

 ◆Color : Chrome/Black/PVD

 ◆Packing: 1Pc Aerator

 ◆ Easy to attach and cleaning.

 ◆ 2 Water Flow Design – Soft Bubble Stream(1.8GPM) and Strong Spray(1.8GPM).

 ◆ It is soft comfort jet, no water splashing.

 ◆ Extremely durable and low maintenance.

 ◆Save energy: Water saving 30%~70% (compared with standard bubbler).

 ◆Can be fitted to kitchen,sink faucets,bathroom taps and lavatory faucets.

 ◆ Fits all standard taps with M22 external thread and internal thread M24 – gasket included(Aerator connecting size is M22 internal thread and M24 external thread.



1. Reduce water consumption, protect the environment and save money.

Why should you or your guests not be given the opportunity to save water? This product allows you or your guests to select the exact amount of water according to their water needs for optimal task performance and maximum water savings.

2.Two Water Flow Design – Soft Bubble Stream(1.8GPM) and Strong Spray(1.8GPM).

3. Easy to install without replacing the existing tap.

This nozzle can easily be added to existing taps and save up to 70% of water without having to replace the existing faucet. The add-on fits on almost all conventional faucets.This product can be easily installed within a minute by anyone.and it works well under low and high-pressure conditions, making it very versatile


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