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Cleaning Industry Knowledge

Can you really drink your tap water directly? According to the World Health Organization (who), 80% of the world’s diseases and 50% of the world’s child deaths are related to poor drinking water quality. In addition, drinking poor water quality causes more than 50 kinds of diseases. With the continuous development of China’s economy and society, China’s people’s living standards continue to improve. According to the survey at the end of 2019, 70% of entrepreneurs between 30 and 50 years old in Chinese society pay more attention to their health development when they have a successful career. However, they still insist on getting up early every day to exercise, and some people begin to contact and accept water pipe cleaning, so as to reduce the risk of disease.

Is the water pipe dirty? There is no doubt that the dirty things in long-term water pipes are different according to different materials. For example, after long-term use of iron pipe, the inner wall of pipe will produce rust, and long-term use of rubber pipe will grow green algae, photophobic algae, scale and so on. If you have questions about this, you can take a look at your own water pipe, or take a look at the tap. Seeing is believing.

With the gradual development of the water pipe cleaning project, more and more people know that the original water pipe can also be cleaned. After the water pipe is dirty, there is no need to renovate and replace it. But some people will question the effect pictures or videos of water pipe cleaning circulated on the Internet. They think that this may be the propaganda means of businesses. Why doesn’t their own cleaning have that effect? When a new thing appears, 5% of people will do it quickly when they know it. This is the opportunity. Doing it early is the first chance; when 50% of people know it, they will be consumers; When there are more than 50%, you don’t have to look. People pay more and more attention to environmental protection and health. The pollution of water pipe seriously affects people’s health. This is the opportunity and this is the market.

People’s demand for drinking water health, as well as the urgent need of society to improve water quality, has brought huge business opportunities to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Under such a big environment, the water pipe cleaning industry has gradually formed. Although water pipe cleaning can not change the water quality, it can ensure the cleanness of water supply pipeline, ensure the safety of drinking water and water for families, and protect our health.

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