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Water Saver Sensor

Main Feature:Suitable for Pull-out faucet


Product Details

Main Feature:

(Suitable for Pull-out faucet)

1. Water pressure: 0.05-0.8Mpa(7.25-116psi)

2. Power supply: 3.7v lithium battery(400 mAh) can be charged by normal Micro USB, 

2 times charging for 1 year. ( Daily used for about 100times)

3. Induction distance: Side 1-6cm, 

     Bottom 1-10cm

4. Fitting faucet Nozzle:Male M24 &

     Female M22

Material: ABS plastic house
Finish: Chrome plated
Size: 47x47x82.3mm
Batterry: 3.7v Lithium battery(400m Ah)
Water Pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa
Fitting faucet Nozzle: Male G1/2 connector hose
Ambient temperature: 1-40
Waterproof level: IP65
Warranty: 1 years

How does it work?

Hand free and option of sustainable provision of water with sensor ( Pls kindly check the video for practical use)


a) When the faucet is installed correctly, it could be adjusted the inducing distance automatically according to the 

surroundings like light, reflex material and temperature. When put your hands or other objects under the inducting zone,

 the faucet will induct automatically and turn the water on; when leaves, the faucet will turn the water off. If the objects 

hold more than 1 minute in the inducting zone, the faucet will send the signal to turn off water and then read just the 

inducing distance.

b) To meet the requirement of long-run water, a virtual long-run button is designed in the induced faucet. If you need to use

water continually, touch the button until water run out, 

then move your hands away, the water will be continued for more than one minute. If touch the button again, then water 

will stop automatically.

*Fast and easy installation , It only take 2 mins to change old faucet to automatic faucet.

* Avoid the second infection, Prevents cross-contamination and spreading the germ through touching the tap handles.

* Sensor range auto-adjust ,You can adjust sensor range as per your require

* As well as a water saving product, It is an assistive technology solution for people with disability.

* 1 Years Warranty





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