Pull Down Spray Faucet Spray Head

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Pull Down Spray Faucet Spray Head

Chrome kitchen faucet head spray pull out spray kitchen faucet spout

Product Details

           SKFIRM Pull Out Faucet Spray Head

           *Touchless faucet adaptor,design for pull out kitchen faucets

           *Different color for surface treatment,it can make on chrome,brush nickel and ORB three kinds of surface treatment.

           * Unique design

           * Easy install and change 

           * High quanlity 

           * One year warranty

           After several generations of development, the faucet has developed from the single function faucet to the multi-function faucet. There is a kind of faucet that you may not know very well, that is, pull the faucet.

           The lampblack in the kitchen is relatively large, and the faucet is easy to be stained with oil and water stains, which is very troublesome to clean. The faucet can draw water freely, which is convenient to clean the basin and wash vegetables, and the plate is more convenient, so it is more convenient to clean the stains.

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           Springking Industry Co.,LTD has been specialized in drinking water faucets field since 2007, including tri-way, 4 way and 5 way faucet,boiling water tap and also sparkling water tap.

           Skfirm has powerful ability of development and design, it has awarded many Certificate of Design Patent. It rapidly captures real-time market trends, keeps pace with the times in product design, makes innovations and quickly launches several unique series products, which can obtain business differentiation and personalized new products, enhance product core competitiveness, and win the considerable economic benefits for you.

          The plant area of factory is about 5000 square meters with the production capacity 80,000 sets per month. it has a crew of expert engineers and high tech research and development facilities,it has advanced CAD/CAM system, CNC intelligent machine center, testing center, automatic assembly line, and testing center Etc.

           All our products are approved by many international certificates, such as CE, RoHS, SGS, EN817 and some national standards.

           In addition, SKFIRM pays great attention to product quality. The ISO9001 quality system is strictly implemented during production and finished goods will be tested before shipment to ensure the quality.

           Many of the designs that you will find in our shops are actual winners from European plumbing shows. since entering the global market, skfirm have continued to set new standards for reliable performance, exquisite design and customer service. skfirm-only produce high quality Faucets and Accessories. 

          Skfirm will be your best partner in China

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