Instant Boiling Water Tap With 98 Degree Hot Cold Kitchen Mixer Faucet

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Instant Boiling Water Tap With 98 Degree Hot Cold Kitchen Mixer Faucet

Instant Boiling Water Tap
98 degree Hot and Cold Kitchen Mixer faucet

Product Details

98 degree Instant Boiling Water Tap with Hot and Cold Kitchen Mixer faucet


 Instant Boiling Water System includes instant boiling water tap,filter, and heater tank. Instant boiling water tap is future style faucet, Delivers hot, cold & boiling water from independent tube to avoid mixing with tap water. Instant Boiling Water System is cost effective and eco-friendly, conveniently alternative to bottled water.


Technical Parameters:


Instant boiling water  Faucet




Brass body  Load-lead


Independent water ways to heating water and mixer 

Valve Core Material


Number of Handles

Dual Handle

Surface Treatment


Water pressure



90 Degree and 98 Degree






1.Product Feature:

  • Heat up to 60 cups/hour of filtered steam hot water, up to 98 °C

  • Standard hot/cold sink mixer function
  • Safety-lock function to protect your family
  • Two indicator lights on the surface of the tank to make it easy to see if the machine is working properly.
  • Two temperature options: 90 °C and 98 °C
  • Easy-change High-Flow filters with easy-access shut-off valve
  • High quality product was tested and found to be in conformity with IEC 60335-2-21;IEC 60335-1;EN 60335-1;EN60335-2-1.

  • Choose from two different finishes – polished chrome or brushed steel

  • Two year full warranty for ro hot cold water faucet


2.Product Description:

1. Surface Treatment – Durable, thick brass polished surface that resists corrosion and tarnish.

 2. Body – Made of thick brass for durability and reliability. The heavier the better. Do not choose a lightweight faucet.

3. Valve – With a drip-free ceramic disc valve, it has a long service life and a smooth feel. Do not choose a faucet with a plastic valve.




3.Quality Assurance: 

1.Low-lead, lead-free or dezincification brass (D.R. Brass) available. 

2.100% leak test before shipment

3.All items passed 100,000 cycle tests at 145 PSI (10 bar) high water pressure


4.Our Ultimate Goal — High Quality Product for You:
· Low-lead, free-lead or dezincification brass ( D. R. Brass) is available.

· 100% leaking test before shipment.
· All items have been cycle tested by 100, 000 times under 125 PSI (8.6 bars) high water pressure.


5.Product Display:






6.Schematic Diagram:




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