Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer

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Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer

Item No.:SK-FW710

As the current important green environmental protection products, Kitchen Food Waste Disposer has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, and has gradually become a necessity for modern families and modern life.

Constant innovation to provide consumers with a healthy and comfortable home environment, enjoy success, enjoy health, food waste disposer begins!

Kitchen Food Waste Disposer is a modern household appliance that quickly solves perishable kitchen waste and improves the lifestyle of consumers.

Product Details


Food Waste Recycling Kitchen Rubbish Disposer




Product Description

The kitchen waste crushing garbage processor grinds the food residue into powder or fine particles and discharges it along the water through the sewer. It can handle egg shells, poultry bones, paper towels, fish bones, melon chips, vegetable stems, tea leaves. Dozens of leftovers left in the food, from the source to eliminate and control the production of bacteria and ensure the cleanliness of the living environment, such as eliminating the garbage dripping phenomenon in the kitchen hallway floor, reducing the daily consumption of repeated garbage disposal, ants, mosquitoes, flies and other pests living environment.

Techinical Parameters



Frequency: 50HZ.



Grinding power:Stainless steel cutting head.

Remote control and Airswitch.

Can be conneted Dish Washer.

Sound Insulation  .

Optional sink connector:140mm,160mm,180mm.

Stainless Steel Grinding Elements.







Why choose this?

1. Modest appearance, strength conservation, reflecting the texture of life

Fashionable design,made in China.

2. Using high performance permanent magnet DC motor, durable

This motor has large starting torque, strong power, strong processing capacity, quieter and longer lasting.

3. All stainless steel grinding system, life-long without interference

The food waste disposer grinding system is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes the wear resistance doubled compared with ordinary stainless steel, and it is maintenance-free for life. All models of food waste disposer use stainless steel grinding cones, without blade grinding disc design, can grind large Part of the food waste, and can avoid most of the card machine phenomenon, not only the grinding effect is better, the work efficiency is higher, and it is safer and more humanized.

4. Three-point locking clasp, scientific and stable

The food waste disposer adopts a three-point locking snap ring, which can lock the machine more stably and securely. It can ensure that the food waste disposer will not loosen under long-term operation, and will not age, effectively avoiding the gap between the machine and the sink. Larger vibrations ensure that the high-end cabinets and sinks you install are not damaged.

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