98 Degree Instant Boiling Water Faucet With Child Lock For Kitchen Tap

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98 Degree Instant Boiling Water Faucet With Child Lock For Kitchen Tap

• Heat up to 60 cups/hour of filtered steam hot water, up to 98 °C
• Standard hot/cold sink mixer function
• Safety-lock function to protect your family
• Two indicator lights on the surface of the tank to make it easy to see if the machine is working properly.
• Two temperature options: 90 °C and 98 °C
• Easy-change High-Flow filters with easy-access shut-off valve
• High quality product was tested and found to be in conformity with IEC 60335-2-21;IEC 60335-1;EN 60335-1;EN60335-2-1.
• Choose from two different finishes – polished chrome or brushed steel
• Two year full warranty for ro hot cold water faucet

Product Details

This SK-P2312A FInstant Boiling Water Faucet from SKfirm features a durable and thick brass polished finish that has excellent corrosion resistance and luster retention properties. The valve features a non-drip ceramic disc valve for long life and a smooth feel. The body of the entire faucet is made of a solid thick brass material for durability and reliability.

Features of Instant Boiling Water Faucet:

  1. The Instant Boiling Water Faucet can withstand filtered steam hot water up to 98°C.
  2. Equipped with standard hot/cold water tank mixer function for various water needs.
  3. Equipped with a security lock function to effectively protect the safety of your family.
  4. The product has been tested for high quality and complies with the standards of IEC 60335-2-21, IEC 60335-1, EN 60335-1, and EN60335-2-1.
  5. Offers a choice of two different finishes – polished chrome or brushed steel to suit different fit-out needs.
  6. RO hot and cold water faucets are covered by a two-year comprehensive warranty to provide you with more security.
  7. The boiling water faucet is made of brass and has got a CE certificate.




Product Parameters of Instant Boiling Water System


   Instant Boiling Water System faucet






   Stainless Steel (inside of Tank) & Brass (Faucet)


   Delivery of boiling water and normal cold and hot kitchen mixer

Valve Core Material

   Ceramic about Faucet

Number of Handles

   Dual Handles

Water Pressure





   2 years for boiling water faucet/1 years for boiling water tank


   CE, RoHS.


Skfirm team

SKfirm is a kitchen faucet system manufacturer with many years of experience. Our company has many years of kitchen faucet design and manufacturing experience. Our SKfirm products are exported to European and American countries, and the Skfirm brand has been widely recognized.



Instant Boiling Water Faucet Maintenance

  • Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean the exterior and spout of your faucet to prevent the build-up of limescale and grime. Use mild detergent and a soft cloth for cleaning.
  • Replacing the filter: If your Instant Boiling Water Faucet is equipped with a filter, replace the filter regularly as recommended by the Skfirm instruction manual. This helps keep the water clean and keeps scale and dirt out of the system.
  • Prevents limescale: If the water quality in your area is hard, it may lead to limescale buildup. In this case, consider using an anti-scale agent or a water softener to reduce the formation of scale. In the meantime, regular inspection and removal of scale may help keep the inside of your faucet clean.
  • Regularly inspect pipes and connections: Make sure there are no leaks or damage to the pipes and connections of your faucet. If any problems are found, repair them promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Child Lock Function Maintenance: Our Instant Boiling Water Faucet is equipped with a child lock function to ensure its normal operation to prevent children from turning on the hot water function accidentally.
  • Check the electrical components regularly: The Instant Boiling Water Faucet has electronic control parts to make sure they are functioning properly and there are no short circuits or other electrical problems. Please contact us if you find a problem
  • Follow recommendations: Skfrim has dedicated maintenance recommendations and care guides. These guidelines detail how to properly maintain and maintain your Instant Boiling Water Faucet to ensure its performance and longevity.

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