98 Degree Hot Water Kitchen Sink Faucet With Filter And Tank

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98 Degree Hot Water Kitchen Sink Faucet With Filter And Tank

• Heat up to 60 cups/hour of filtered steam hot water, up to 98 °C
• Standard hot/cold sink mixer function
• Safety-lock function to protect your family
• Two indicator lights on the surface of the tank to make it easy to see if the machine is working properly.
• Two temperature options: 90 °C and 98 °C
• Easy-change High-Flow filters with easy-access shut-off valve
• High quality product was tested and found to be in conformity with IEC 60335-2-21;IEC 60335-1;EN 60335-1;EN60335-2-1.
• Choose from two different finishes – polished chrome or brushed steel
• Two year full warranty for ro hot cold water faucet

Product Details

The 98 Degree Hot Water Kitchen Sink Faucet with Filter and Reservoir is an extremely convenient and efficient addition to any kitchen. The following is a brief description of its main features and benefits:

  1. Hot Water Machine: The faucet is equipped with a dedicated hot water machine, which can provide instant hot water with a temperature of 98 degrees. This eliminates the need to wait for the water to heat up, making tasks like making tea or coffee, cooking and sanitizing items faster and more convenient.
  2. Built-in Water Filtration: Many models come with built-in water filtration systems. This ensures that you receive clean hot water, perfect for drinking, cooking and mixing baby formula.
  3. Tank: A faucet usually includes a separate tank that stores and heats water to the desired temperature. These tanks are well insulated to efficiently retain the heat of the water and are designed to fit neatly under the sink.
  4. SAFETY FEATURES: To prevent accidental burns, most 98-degree hot water faucets are equipped with safety features, such as child-safe handles and heat-insulated spouts.
  5. Energy Efficiency: While the tank keeps the water hot, Skfirm models are designed to be energy efficient, minimizing standby energy consumption.
  6. The Instant Boiling Water Tank makes from insulating stainless steel and boiling water tap makes from brass. This product also acquired the CE certificates. We have been working on Instant Boiling Water System for many years. So we are looking forward to work with you.

This SK-P2312AF 98 Degree Hot Water Kitchen Sink Faucet with Filter and Reservoir from skfirm provides the convenience of instant hot water for a variety of kitchen tasks, with the added benefit of water filtration. It improves the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen while providing hot water for cooking and drinking. Please contact us directly if you have purchasing needs


under sink water filter system

Product Parameters of Instant Boiling Water System


   Instant Boiling Water System






   Stainless Steel (inside of Tank) & Brass (Faucet)


   Delivery boiling water and normal cold and hot kitchen mixer

Valve Core Material

   Ceramic about Faucet

Number of Handle

   Dual Handles

Water Pressure





   2 years for boiling water faucet/1 years for boiling water tank


   CE, RoHS.


Working principle of kitchen instant water system

A kitchen instant water system delivers hot water instantly, which is often used for cooking, drinking, and other kitchen operations. Typically, it goes like this:

  1. Instant water systems involve a heating device, which is often an electric water heater or a storage-type water heater. This gadget is in charge of heating the water and keeping it at the proper temperature.
  2. Water Tank: A water storage tank or cylinder is typically included in the system to store warm water. This tank is typically installed behind a kitchen cabinet or another handy position.
  3. Temperature Control: Using the system’s control panel or knob, users may set the desired water temperature. Users may often select from a variety of temperature settings, which commonly include hot, warm, and room temperature water.
  4. Water pump: When the user switches on the water faucet, the water pump begins to function. The pump pulls warm water from the tank and delivers it to the kitchen sink faucet.
  5. Plumbing and insulation: A typical system contains a series of water pipes that transport hot water from the tank to the faucet. These water pipes are frequently insulated to prevent heat loss and to keep the hot water at the proper temperature as it travels.
  6. Hot water systems are frequently built with safety measures such as anti-scald handles, automatic shut-off mechanisms, and temperature controls to ensure the water temperature is within a safe range to prevent unintentional burns.

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