360-Degree Swivel Sink Aerator

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360-Degree Swivel Sink Aerator

Faucet Aerator
Kitchen Sink Aerator
360-Degree Swivel Sink Aerator
Faucet Nozzle Adapter
Sink Aerator

Product Details

Faucet Aerator, Kitchen Sink Aerator, 360-Degree Swivel Sink Aerator, Faucet Nozzle Adapter, Sink Aerator, Chrome,SK-WS809S

SKfirm is a professional manufacturer of the faucet, it has over 10 years of related experience in sanitary ware filed. The core mission of RULIA providing the customer with healthy and high-quality water solutions. We are working to implement a solemn commitment, at each step in working to improve product quality and reliability. To that end, across the SKfirm products, you will find a wide array of thoughtful products of exceptional quality and value that will provide you with your ideal user experience.

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Product Information

Manufacture SKfirm
Model SK-WS809S
Finish Chrome
Style Modern
Special Features Two functions faucet aerator with no more than 360° rotation
Installation Method Screw-In
Dimension O.D.28mm H:66 mm
Screw thread Female M22*1,Male M24*1

Two Functions: The spray mode perfects to flush the food debris easily; stream mode ideals for food washing and water filling.

Easy Switchover: The spray head designs with the easy switching function. Just rotate the head lightly, you can get the ideal water outcome mode for your prefer.

MORE THAN 360° ROTATION: The spray head designs with exceeding 360-degree twist which rinses to every corner of the sink.

Not Limited To One Size: The spray head equips with five sizes of the conver adapters which fits different thread sizes of the spouts.

Dimension: Overall Height: 2.6” Aerator width: 1.08” Connection width: 0.94”. The head can be rotated to reach the biggest angle of 82°.





Different Angle Rotation

The various rotation angle allows the water reaches every corner of the kitchen sink as possible.

Stream Function

Stream mode provides convenience for rinsing fruits and vegetables as well as for filling pots and pans.

Spray Function

Spray mode can easily flush the dish residue, a good helper for daily cleaning tasks.

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How many functions for this aerator has?

Answer:It has two functions, spray and stream.

Question:What material is the outer body, metal or plastic?

Answer:The faucet aerator connection is made of sold brass and the aerator house is made of plastic.

Question:Will this fit a standard outdoor faucet?

Answer:Yes, it will fit a standard outdoor faucet as long as you confirm the thread size before purchase. You can get the thread size details from the product page.

Question:Does it come with all necessary parts?

Answer:Yes, the package includes Faucet Aerator*1, conver adapter with gasket*5 and easy mounted slice*1.

Question:Does this aerator be 360-degree twist?

Answer:Yes, it can be 360-degree twist.

Question:Does the package include female to male adapter?

Answer:Yes, it includes the M22 covers to FM20 adapter.

Question:How can it switch the water outcome function?

Answer:Just rotate the head lightly, you can get the ideal water outcome mode for your prefer.

Question:Does it come in other colors?

Answer:It is chrome color only.

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