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What is an instant hot water faucet


The popular three way water tap instant hot water faucet is also called instant electric hot water faucet, and it is basically collectively referred to as electric hot water faucet in the industry at present. It gets its name because it can generate hot water within 3-5 seconds after starting up.

The magnesium oxide powder, a new type of insulating and heat-conducting material, has the characteristics of high density, ultra-fine, and full filling, so that the charged heating body can be reliably separated from the outer wall, thereby completely electrically isolating the water.

Advantages of instant hot water faucets

①The popular three way water tap is safer to use and has no air pollution;
②Water temperature is not affected by water pressure, and there will be no hot and cold phenomenon when showering;
③ Avoid the violent noise of the forced discharge water heater;
④The installation is simple, no professionals are needed, and there is no need to consider exhaust emissions;
⑤ No need to consider the trouble of ventilating every month;
⑥Adjust the water temperature and volume in the bathroom, avoiding the embarrassing situation of indoor use and outdoor adjustment;
⑦Small and does not take up space;
⑧Economic and affordable, it is cheaper than buying a faucet plus a heating device.

Experimental standard

The voltage test standard for instant electric water heaters is to apply a voltage of 2000V for 2 minutes, and the leakage current is less than 0.50mA. The water heater hydraulic test standard is to apply a water pressure of 0.5MPa, and the water heater will not leak within 5 minutes. Production is strictly in accordance with GB4706.1-92, GB4706.11-1997 and international IEC standards, and the company’s daily work is fully guided by the ISO9001 quality system. All popular three way water tap products implement a full inspection system, and only those who pass the test can leave the factory.


Advantages of fast electric hot water faucets compared with storage electric water heaters:
① Save water by 50%, save electricity by 30%, and the energy utilization rate is >95%. Because this popular three way water tap faucet adopts the end heating method, it can be heated immediately when it is turned on, without preheating and heat preservation, and there is no heat loss in the pipeline, which saves the heat loss of the pipeline caused by the connection of the end faucet to the storage water heater. Centralized water supply 10- 20%, save 10-20% of self-insulation heat loss, and save 10-20% of residual heat energy in pipelines.
②High quality and low price, the price is less than half of the storage water heater. The minimum price of the instant hot water faucets is less than 500 yuan, which is much lower than the above products. Of course, this price is also very competitive in the industry. This is because after our products pass the 3H3L system, the economies of scale of the products have been fully utilized, making the products small in size, light in weight, refined in craftsmanship, large in output, low in batch cost, and high in market procurement rates.
③Small size, easy installation, and portability. It is small and does not take up space. This is a great product for small rooms. It can be installed in 20 minutes without the need for professionals, especially suitable for floating population, field troops, field construction teams, etc.
④ Fast heating, instant heat. Open the water valve, the power is automatically connected, and the water can be heated and used in more than ten seconds, which is fast and convenient, eliminating the helplessness of waiting for the storage-type electric water heater.
⑤ Continuous heating, continuous hot water. This is also the most prominent advantage over storage-type electric water heaters. I haven’t forgotten the embarrassing situation of being covered in soap and having no hot water. It is not limited by the volume of the water tank and can work continuously. As long as there is electricity and water, it can work forever.

What is an instant hot water faucet


What is an instant hot water faucet



Attention should be paid to the first use
When installing the instant hot water faucet for the first time, if it is a side-inlet electric hot water faucet, it is recommended to clean the iron pipe with a toothbrush, and then use the pressure of tap water to discharge the dirt in the water pipe, so that the filter in the electric hot water faucet will not be easy. Blockage (the filter can be cleaned repeatedly very conveniently). After installing the electric hot water faucet, first adjust the handle to the “cold water” position, then open the main valve, and then plug in the power supply to heat after seeing water spraying out from the hot water. You don’t need to consider the above process for subsequent use, and you don’t need to unplug it. The power cord is used in this way for the first time to prevent the temperature limiter from being powered off and entering the protection state due to dry burning.

Usually use should pay attention to

1. The maximum water outlet temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius during use.
2. Do not use it upside down.
3. The nozzle must be kept unobstructed, the nozzle hole must be cleaned frequently, and it cannot be blocked. It is forbidden to connect to the shower nozzle with a water flow switch and other flow blocking components.
4. The water heater can be used to connect to the water supply network, and connect with metal pipe fittings to keep the product well grounded.
5. The tap water pressure used should not exceed the working pressure marked on the sign, and must be reliably grounded.
6. The user should check the watt-hour meter, electric switch, fuse, circuit diameter, and whether there is a switch on the circuit leading to the water heater during installation. The capacity of these devices should meet the current requirements. Use 2.5mm2.
7. Since the capacity of the civil power grid is generally small, you should not use this water heater with other large-capacity household appliances (rice cookers, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc.) at the same time.
8. If the water in the water heater may freeze, it is forbidden to connect the power to the water heater.
9. The instant faucet must be equipped with a leakage protection switch, at least 20A.

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