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How to choose a kitchen 4 in 1 tap faucet?

Everyone is familiar with the kitchen 4 in 1 tap faucet. The kitchen faucet is a device with a high usage rate in the kitchen, and it is even related to health issues. Choosing a practical and convenient faucet can greatly improve kitchen efficiency and life happiness. The quality of the kitchen faucet can directly affect everyone’s life.

Today, let’s learn about the purchase strategy of faucets together~

In general, you can start from the following aspects:

1. The material of the faucet

kitchen 4 in 1 tap faucet on the market today are generally made of brass with plating. A single brass is exposed to the air, and slowly corroded by various detergents, oil stains, sewage, etc., it is easy to rust, so it is necessary to add a coating on the outside to prevent rust.

The plating of ordinary faucets is only a thin layer of plating on the outside of the copper. It feels a bit rough when touched by hand, has no texture, and the appearance is not translucent enough. Higher-quality faucets are the opposite, with finer details and smoother surfaces.

SKFIRM’s silicon brass faucet is a good choice. Not only is it made of healthy silicon brass material inside, but it also has a double layer of nickel and chrome on the outside to prevent corrosion and reduce rust!

2. High-quality ceramic valve core

The spool determines the life of the faucet. The water switch principle of the faucet is controlled by rotating the rotating core. The fork at the lower end of the rotating core drives the valve plate to rotate, so that the water outlet hole on the moving valve plate corresponds to the water inlet hole on the static valve plate. Finally, the water flows from the rotating core. The through hole on the outflow.

The characteristics of high tensile strength, not easy to deform, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of ceramic materials determine its excellent sealing performance. In this regard, the use of the ceramic valve core makes the faucet less likely to leak water droplets, and is more environmentally friendly and water-saving. Compared with the copper spool and stainless steel spool on the market, the ceramic spool has stable performance and more advantages in price.

3. The size and rotatable angle of the kitchen faucet

From the perspective of the flexibility of daily use, the kitchen 4 in 1 tap faucet should be more flexible, able to rotate 360 degrees, and the spout should be appropriately longer. It is best to extend above the drain without splashing water. Another point that needs attention is to ask whether it is possible to install dual hot and cold water pipelines when purchasing.

4. Whether it saves energy and water

Some kitchen faucets do not have a set size control on the water volume. No matter what is being cleaned, as soon as the water column is turned on, the water column will pour in, which will waste a lot of water resources invisibly, and high-quality faucets will be able to use air. Injection increases the pressure of the water flow and mixes with the air while flowing out of the water column, and the amount of water flowing out in the same time period can be saved.

When choosing a kitchen faucet, focus on the following points:

How to choose a kitchen 4 in 1 tap faucet?


How to choose a kitchen 4 in 1 tap faucet?


The main material

Zinc alloy: general toughness, general corrosion resistance, containing aluminum elements.
Brass: wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, contains trace lead elements.
Stainless steel: corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, lead-free, higher price.

Spool (the heart of the faucet)

Function: Control the size of the water flow, adjust the temperature of the outlet water. The aging of the spool will cause dripping and leakage.
Ceramic spool: corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, good sealing, no dripping or leaking.
Copper spool: high temperature resistance, high requirements on copper quality, poor copper is easy to rust, affecting water quality.
Stainless steel valve core: wear-resistant, good temperature control, not easily affected by water quality, suitable for areas with poor water quality, and the price is relatively expensive.


Function: save water, prevent splash, filter impurities, constant flow.

Surface Technology

Brushed: Anti-scratch, stain-resistant.

Electroplating: high hardness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, better chrome plating.

Purchase Guide

Five types:

Rotating faucet: 360° rotation

Pull-out faucet: multi-directional cleaning

Induction faucet: convenient and hygienic, intelligent water saving

Silicone tube faucet: universal rotation, fixed point water outlet

Water purification dual-purpose faucet: easy to switch water sources


Water outlet mode: shower water, sparkling water, sliced water

Induction design: point-touch induction, non-contact induction

Pull design: spring type, gravity hammer

metal hose, nylon fiber hose

Automatic water stop: timing protection


1. Faucet material: look for 304 stainless steel or national standard 59 copper (copper faucet coating should be more than 3 layers, 5 layers is better)

2. Be sure to choose the valve core, ceramic valve core is the best thermoelectric type

3. If you want to clean more worry-free, choose wall-mounted or pull-out faucets

4. Pulling tube material: nylon fiber

5. Pulling tube reset method: Gravity rebound

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