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How to choose a 3 way kitchen faucet?

Faucet as a tiny object in the kitchen, but plays a vital role. For example, the food cleaning before cooking, the cleaning of pots and pans after meals, washing and brushing are inseparable from the help of the faucet. In the purchase of faucets, many people are too casual, and finally lead to a lot of inconvenience in daily life.Kitchen is to talk about the taste of life as well as produce a lot of healthy and delicious food origin, and the most basic kitchen faucet accessories are commonly used and can not be ignored, although compared to the cabinet, hood, this is just a small part. But most of the homeowners with experience in the decoration will attach great importance to the purchase of kitchen faucets, because the kitchen faucet is not only beautiful and practical issues, but more importantly, the quality, if you buy a poor quality or miscellaneous brands, will bring a lot of unexpected problems, it is very troublesome to solve.

How to pick the 3 way kitchen faucet? 3 way kitchen faucet is an essential hardware product in daily life. Choose a good faucet, you can take better care of your family’s health. However, the quality of the faucet products on the market are mixed, if you are not careful, you may buy a poor quality faucet, and a good quality faucet with a dozen years is not a big problem.

3 way kitchen faucet

How much does a 3 way kitchen faucet cost?

Kitchen faucet has cheap and expensive, different brands, different functions, the price is not the same. Kitchen faucet general material is better all copper faucet price is between 150-250, double temperature price is about 150, if it is a single temperature will be cheaper. Faucet water is soft mainly because of the filter, the general kitchen faucet water is soft and not easy to fly. It is recommended to buy dual-temperature faucet is better to use in winter.

How to choose a 3 way kitchen faucet?

  • Hot or cold water dispenser

Kitchen pots and pans are often to be cleaned, especially in winter, the need to use hot water more places. So be sure to pay attention to the purchase of hot and cold water faucet, now generally have a single handle single hole and single handle double hole, according to the specific circumstances of the purchase.

  • All-round cleaning

A good faucet should be able to meet the needs of 360° all-round cleaning. Now many faucets with 360 ° spout rotation function, in addition, there is also a new type of intelligent touch pull-out faucet, to realize the different directions of rotation of the water, easy to daily kitchen cleaning, etc., the use of more simple and intimate.

  • Selected materials

Plastic and cast iron faucet has been eliminated, zinc alloy faucet is easy to be oxidized in contact with water, the release of heavy metals harmful to the human body is not suitable. Stainless steel and ceramic faucets will not be harmful to health, but high production costs, and stainless steel is easy to damage, ceramic fragile, cost-effective, compared to copper faucet not only the production process has matured, plus is not easy to be corroded, has a very good antibacterial effect.

  • Comfortable bubbler

Faucet spout will have a bubbler, a good bubbler combined with the filter can achieve the effect of mute water saving, and the water is soft, can reduce the splash, has a strong water-saving performance.

  • High quality valve core

Currently on the market there are two main types of faucet cartridges: ceramic cartridges and steel ball cartridges. It is recommended to buy ceramic spool, which is not only heat-resistant and wear-resistant, but also has a longer service life, which can better prevent dripping and leaking. Steel ball spool performance in all aspects is also good, but compared to ceramic spool use time is shorter, easy to cause dripping.

  • Anti-corrosion and wear-resistant

Faucet surface is plated, if the plating layer is not good, easy to fall off and rust. Faucet after 10 levels of plating faucet, in the 32H ASS test, corrosion area of 0, and has a metallic luster, showy and delicate, long-term use of the appearance of bright as new not rust.

3 way kitchen faucet

Selection of 3 way kitchen faucet considerations:

  1. 3 way kitchen faucet can rotate 360 degrees:Kitchen faucet to choose some higher more convenient to use, the spout is best to extend to the drain above, more will not splash. In order to meet the needs of a variety of uses, the kitchen faucet to realize the left and right rotation, can take into account the use of the left and right sink, faucet spout is best to be able to rotate up and down 360 °.
  2. Give preference to stainless steel material:Kitchen faucet material is generally brass, but due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucet is not necessarily the best choice, generally in the outermost layer are plated, in order to prevent the internal brass corrosion and rust, but with the cleaning agent to clean the faucet, it is very likely to destroy the faucet’s plating, resulting in faucet is corroded, rust, so the faucet of the whole copper material is not suitable for the kitchen.
    The use of high-quality 304 stainless steel faucet manufactured with pure copper faucet, compared with the lead-free, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, non-corrosive, does not release harmful substances, will not contaminate the tap water source, is conducive to the kitchen drinking water, and stainless steel faucet does not require plating, but also is not easy to rust, its hardness and toughness are more than twice as high as the copper products, easy to clean, but the price are relatively high.
  3. To pay attention to the spout length can take care of both sides of the sink:In the purchase of water basin and faucet spout length, if the kitchen is a double basin, pay attention to the length of the spout in the rotation of the two sides of the sink at the same time can take into account, most of the kitchen faucet can now realize the faucet body of the left and right rotating, especially pull-out faucet will be able to pull out the spout, easy to clean the sink to all corners of the sink, but you need to spare a hand to hold the spout.
  4.  With anti-calcification system and anti-backflow system:Calcium can be deposited in rosettes and automatic cleaning systems, as well as in faucets, where silicon can collect, and integrated air cleaners have anti-calcification systems that stop the equipment from being calcified: anti-reflux systems stop dirty water from being pumped into the fresh water pipe, and are made up of layers of material. Faucets with these systems are marked with the DVGM pass mark on the surface of the package.

3 way kitchen faucet

Learn about these five 3 way kitchen faucets

When we are renovating our kitchen, the first thing that comes to our mind is the design and layout, followed by countertops, sinks and so on. In fact, the kitchen faucet is also a point that we need to focus on. There are different types of faucets for kitchen, we have to consider which kind of faucet is more suitable for our home kitchen according to the design and layout of the kitchen, then let’s take a look at the following five kinds of 3 way kitchen faucets.

  • Single Handle 3 Way Kitchen Faucet:Single handle faucet can control the discharge and stop operation of hot and cold water by only one handle, and control the size of water volume and temperature of water by up and down, left and right. Therefore, single-handle faucet can be operated not only with one hand, but also easy to operate, and will not cause water waste, so it is widely used in the kitchen.
  • Two Handle 3 Way Kitchen Faucet:A two-handle faucet allows you to adjust the volume and temperature of water with two handles. The main difference between it and a single handle is that one side of the handle is for hot water and the other side is for cold water. The two-handle faucet is also a more classic design, so if you want to install a two-handle kitchen faucet, you can do so according to your kitchen style.
  • Handheld Shower 3 Way Kitchen Faucet:The handheld showerhead kitchen faucet is a great kitchen helper that resembles a mini showerhead and provides a convenient rinse function. In order to last longer, it is best to choose a handheld shower kitchen faucet that is taller and has a longer spout, preferably one that extends above the drain, and nowadays many kitchens have added hot water lines, so it’s best to go with a duplex when shopping.
  • Sensor 3 Way Kitchen Faucet:Sensor faucet just need to put your hand under the faucet, then it will automatically dispense water, and it will turn off automatically when it reaches a certain amount of water. Since people have their hands full when they cook, and this kind of faucet is very convenient to use in the kitchen, it is also used by most people.
  • Water Purifier 3 Way Kitchen Faucet:There are two main types of water purifier kitchen faucets, a built-in type that stores the body of the purifier under the counter, and a faucet-integrated type that has a small purification box built into the body of the faucet.

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