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How to choose the right kitchen faucet?

Faucet seems to be a small household item, but its role is very significant. The kitchen faucet used in the kitchen, the responsibility of washing dishes, cleaning the big task, a small faucet can not be ignored, how to buy kitchen faucet? Collected some points of purchase, together with a look at:

Use to be smooth

Wash dishes, steam rice, soup, brush dishes …… in the kitchen annoying things too much, it is best not to let the faucet to add to the mess! The 3 way kitchen faucet offers three water flow options: regular hot/cold water, filtered water, and a combination of regular and filtered water for convenience and flexibility.Use the smooth 3 way kitchen faucet, often make people do not feel its presence, and this is mainly related to its spool, handle position, switch mode. Good faucet spool switch freely, when using the hand does not feel too loose or too tight; handle position, shape to facilitate the opening and closing, even using the back of the hand can also be easily operated; traditional spiral, wrench type switch has long been used in the kitchen, replaced by the rapid closure of the lift open switch.

Fashion design

Fashion style is also more attention, in the kitchen room, the sink can be used with different materials and styles, while the faucet is mainly reflected in the line shape and surface plating. Black 3 way kitchen faucet with a modern matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen decor.

Easy to clean

Kitchen work with grease, dirt hands to open the faucet, the faucet dirty. So it is best to choose non-stick, easy to scrub the product. This and the faucet shape, plating has a lot to do with the general shape of complex, varied lines of the faucet easy to stay clean-up dead ends, thin plating, low hardness of the faucet surface is easy to send ooze, clean-up is not clean. Recommend that you still use more simple shape, hard plating products, which can give save a lot of things.

The right size

Some families have kitchen faucets out of the water is easy to splash, falling water can not reach the sink right in the middle …… this is to ignore the sink, kitchen faucet with caused by. Choose kitchen faucet must know the size of the sink, according to this size to choose the right faucet.The black 3 way kitchen faucet can ensure that the angle of the outlet is right in the middle of the sink, can have 180 ° or 360 ° rotation, and the distance between the bottom of the sink is just not easy to splash.

Humanized design

With the kitchen faucet production technology continues to improve, the product design has become more and more humanized. In addition to let everyone use the smooth, business also specializes in the production of left-handed handle faucet suitable for left-handed people. In addition for those who have a large kitchen space, used to cleaning directly with water, like to use the spray method, enjoy the fun of innovation and many other different needs, there are also on the market with 360-degree rotation, pull-out nozzle, direct flush / nozzle conversion, flexible and versatile products.

Water conservation and environmental protection

The kitchen water consumption is very large, modern decoration “energy saving and environmental protection” is the mainstream, so pay attention to this point when you choose the faucet. Water-saving faucet will save 30-40% of the water than ordinary faucets, with the old can save a lot of water expenses to the family. Tlack 3 way kitchen faucet has water-saving features, such as aerators and restrictors, that help reduce water consumption without affecting performance.

features of the 3 way kitchen faucet


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