The History Of Faucet

- Jul 21, 2017 -

The faucet in Istanbul first appeared in 16th century, four hundred or five hundred years earlier than Beijing. Before the faucet appeared, the water fountain wall was inlaid with a beast-like head, usually made of stone, and a handful of metal-made "water spouts" (I did poorly), and the waters that flowed out of it had been long flowing without any control. In order to avoid wasting water and solve the constant shortage of water resources, people have developed taps. The original faucet was cast in bronze and later switched to cheaper brass. Some of the taps are simple and practical, while others are very decorative. A variety of different shapes of faucets, such as snakes, dragon shapes, rams ' heads, geometric shapes, or flower shapes, reflect the architectural décor of that era. Most of the water taps in the court and other important buildings are silver, silver, or bronze-plated and carved. In the 18 and 19th century, the faucet for the palace and the mansion pay more attention to the adornment sex, so that the catharsis takes the Lord, so that its practical function bends under the adornment function, said they are the handicraft is not a point.

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