Rules Of The Kitchen Faucet

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Rule 1: Water saving

We want to build a conservation-minded society, how to achieve water-saving faucet? Good faucet manufacturers of the faucet can slow down the flow of water, so that the flow of water to maintain a certain flow rate, the water slowed down the natural water is much smaller. The inside of the honeycomb-like flow-limiting film can let water bubble outflow, you do not feel less water, but because there are sufficient bubbles, feel very soft, full momentum.

Rule 2: Durability

Kitchen faucet is durable, related to the mood when cooking, and this and faucet manufacturers surface treatment process is not unrelated. Some faucet manufacturers have been in the ph close to 3 of the acidic high-temperature environment tested, found that more than 4 hours still intact, indicating that the surface treatment process is very excellent. A consumer 10 years ago purchased a built-in steel ball valve of the kitchen faucet, now use is still as new, no leakage and damage, why so? Because this kind of stainless steel ball valve technology can guarantee the opening and closing 500,000 times are very smooth.

Rule 3: Humanization

The market has a faucet manufacturers pull-type kitchen faucet, you can draw out from the nozzle position of the longest 1.5 meters of stainless steel hose, the rotation angle can reach 360 degrees, the nozzle can easily reach you need to scour or water, so that cleaning becomes fun. This kind of faucet also has the columnar and the spraying two kinds of water way, fully with the kitchen to wash different goods when the demand.

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