Induction Ware Water Saving Small Common Sense

- Jul 21, 2017 -

1, switch water saving:

Delay valve (can set off time to save water, easy to bad, is the spring, easy aging, can't play, the water is not shut down, ceramic valve (with all the spool to compare), low price, no leakage, water-saving), solenoid valve (the most advanced, most water-saving switch mode, disadvantage: higher costs)

2, the flow of water saving:

1 Water Saving:

90% the product is the way to limit the flow of implementation, such as the reduction of water volume, water flow is small. Disadvantages: The water will change with the pressure changes, such as the 6 floor, 1 floor of the largest hydraulic pressure, 6 floor water pressure minimum, 6 floor may be small water pressure, water is too small. Therefore cannot popularize, only then the water pressure Gao can install.

Currently on the market to install limited flow valve to limit the flow (mandatory settings, ordinary people are not adjustable).

2 constant-flow water-saving----------------------------------the most scientific, efficient and humanized

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