How To Solve The Problem Of Blocking Faucet Strainer

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Faucet Filter Although every family is often used, but you will know that the faucet filter network because often used, washed by water, will accumulate a lot of impurities in the water, a long time there will be a layer of sediment attached to the top, it is difficult to clean, if, not timely cleaning, will block water faucet, and even cause the faucet strainer was washed away. Then, we will be in time to clean, dispel debris, adhere to the faucet strainer.   So, how should we replace the strainer correctly? How to replace the faucet filter, let's have a brief look at the detailed operation process. First of all, the home side to prepare a back-up filter network, this filter is very affordable, can be bought online can also go to the hardware store procurement. We can be a one-time storage a few, in case of timely replacement use, so it is very convenient. Then take off the tap filter net, must use certain things, from the final position of the device, the faucet will be opened, so that the filter can be easily removed. When the new filter is installed, it must be installed according to the application instructions.

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