How To Choose The Sensor Faucet

- Jul 21, 2017 -

1, induction faucet technology----no scratches, chrome plating is good, using brass casting, low-price induction faucet in the faucet body chrome and poor weight, through the 24-hour salt spray test, weighing about 400 grams, and good induction faucet manufacturers in the leading body weight control of more than 500 grams, can pass 48 hours salt spray test, faucet life long;

2, the internal moisture treatment-----inductive equipment fault is mainly caused by moisture, waterproof moisture treatment is the key to product quality. Infrared sensing part of the use of epoxy resin 2 times sealant and 3 moisture treatment, whether the connection plug is waterproof, the solenoid valve has a good waterproof performance, because the long-term installation under the basin, the machine is damp, will cause poor contact, so that the machine does not work; solenoid valve minimum life should meet the industry standards (more than 150,000 times);

3. Adjustable sensing distance and induction time----------------Low power single-chip microcomputer control, anti-interference ability to light, do not miss the action; the sensor distance uses the remote control to adjust, the manual adjustment easily causes the circuit board to damp, the induction distance becomes shorter, the influence normal use;

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