How To Choose A Healthy Faucet

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Buy a faucet before, first of all clear the usefulness of the faucet, as well as from the desired function, suitable for the best from one.  The faucet can be roughly used in the basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink, not the same as the local water faucet is different.  From the device approach, the faucet is divided into walls and vertical, the first depends on the use and installation of the environment is not the same, together, vertical faucet and low foot two sizes, the first according to the basin planning to choose. From the construction point of view, the faucet can be divided into one-and two-way, and the other, there is a single handle and double handle.  Tan Lian type can receive cold water pipe or hot water pipe, switch as long as a method, can only control the size of the water, the duplex can be combined hot and cold two pipes, can rotate and up and down, can control the size of the water to switch hot and cold, more for the Bathhouse Basin and have a hot water supply of the kitchen sink faucet.  Single handle faucet after a handle can be conditioning hot and cold water temperature, both hands need to separate conditioning cold water pipes and hot water pipes to regulate the water temperature.  How to choose a suitable faucet to look at the data from the historical perspective, the beginning of the faucet is the use of copper casting, copper luster is high, has a higher anti-wear and anti-corrosion function. Stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, non-corrosive, although stainless steel has the advantage of lead-free, but it contains cadmium, manganese, nickel and other heavy metals are also harmful to the body.

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