Hot-type Faucet Selection Tips

- Jul 21, 2017 -

1, in the purchase, can gently turn the faucet handle, observe the faucet and switch between there is no gap. Usually the switch without cracks, easy and unimpeded, not skid of the faucet quality is good;

2, look at the appearance: high-quality hot-type faucet mostly processing fine, surface metal coating finish good, close to the mirror effect, from a different point of view, the reflection of the curve smooth.

3, see Mark: Regular faucet manufacturers to produce faucets, packaging boxes should be clearly written on the faucet manufacturer's address and contact details, irregular faucet manufacturers or shoddy products are often only affixed with a number of paper labels, faucet manufacturers address is mostly not too specific, when you must pay attention to purchase.

4, listen to the voice: good faucet should be the whole cast of copper, beat up the sound of dull, if the sound is very crisp, is made of stainless steel materials, the quality of a grade.

5, see how long the preheating time, how much power consumption and other data, according to their own economic conditions permit, choose the products can be suitable for their own price.

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