Diversification And Professionalization Become Two Major Themes Of Kitchen And Bath Industry

- May 12, 2018 -

In recent years, the home industry has been sweeping across the border, and the sanitary ware industry is no exception. Diversification has gradually entered the public view and has become a common choice for many sanitary companies. The continuous extension of the industrial chain can become an effective means to drive the growth engine of the sanitary ware industry. In the selection of multiple and professional roads, how sanitary ware companies should make decisions depends on their own circumstances.

Looking at the current sanitary ware market, many sanitary ware companies are developing. In order to obtain more profits, they are often involved in many fields. The categories of products are also numerous and complicated. The over-opening of bathroom companies has caused sanitary companies to form internal competition between the channels and the market, which is not only unfavorable to management, but also causes waste of resources, making it impossible for Sanitary companies to invest more effort in core products and affecting the core competition of enterprises. force. On the other hand, excessive sanitary product categories add to the company's cost burden and increase the risk of sanitary companies operating.

Undeniably, from the point of view of the manufacturing industry in Western industrial countries, there are no more than two sanitary ware companies that can survive in the Big Wave. The first is the leader of the industry, a large multinational manufacturing company, and the second is a small and refined professional. Production enterprises. The future of China's sanitary ware industry is very likely to be the same. For a bathroom company with limited strength, if it can't be large and complete, it may be worthwhile to consider self-reduction and take a small and refined development path.

Sanitary companies find their way according to their own situation

In the bottleneck of development, many sanitary companies are aware of their own problems, tend to self-change, but many times they are not allowed to do so, and radical reforms have caused companies to fall into even greater dilemma. Therefore, the bathroom companies to do reforms, we must first understand their own actual situation, assess their own re-development process in each stage of the market share, and then calculate the sanitary enterprises have the potential for development. Through these data, sanitary companies know that they should give up products that have low market share or insufficient potential in due course. Through the calculation of sales data in different regions, blind expansion can also be avoided, and appropriate development positions can be selected according to their actual situation and marketing capabilities.

Second, the bathroom industry refinement should not copy the experience of Western developed countries. Indeed, the burden of the bathroom companies is not static, this process is not a straight line but the need for balanced considerations both vertical and horizontal, China's market economy is the most prominent feature of the development is too rapid, the market timing is rapidly changing. The refinement of bathroom companies may reflect the experience of developed countries in the West.

Unlike their specialization, which is almost persistent, the sanitary ware companies in China may have to do a professional job. After all, our country’s market is large and the competition is large. The concept of overly demanding specialization is tantamount to a gamble. In short, whether it is to take the road of diversified development, or take the road of professional development, sanitary ware companies must combine their own actual conditions. Only in this way can we find a development path that suits its own characteristics.

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