Anti-flooding Function Of Protective Partition Door System

- Jul 21, 2017 -

When the tunnel floods, at both ends of the station protection partition door control device receives the water level forecast warning signal, automatically sends the warning signal to the station control room, at the same time starts to calculate the water level rise speed, the rise speed achieves the setting value, then sends the water level danger warning signal to the station control room immediately, simultaneously sends the request If the water level is not up to the set value, but the interval level of 4 level water level (that is, the dangerous alarm level), also automatically to the station control room issued a water level hazard warning signal, and immediately operate the command panel on the request to close the door button to the signal system issued a request to close the

The signal system can be closed under the circumstances, then the corresponding protective partition door protection signal machine, while the door to the protection of the control system issued to allow closing signal. The protective partition door control system closes the door by manually issuing the closing instruction after receiving the allowable closing signal.

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