Why do We Need Pure Drinking Water Tap?

- Aug 13, 2018 -

Kitchen tap selection method:

Step / method

First, the kitchen faucet can be rotated 360°.

For ease of use, the kitchen faucet should be taller, and the spout should be long. It is best to stretch above the drain and not splash. If there is a hot water line in the kitchen, the faucet should also be double. Kitchen faucets typically rotate 360° to meet a variety of usage needs.

Second, choose the material of stainless steel.

The kitchen faucet is usually made of brass, which is the most common pure copper faucet on the market. But due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not necessarily the best choice. All pure copper faucets are plated on the outermost layer, and the purpose of plating is to prevent corrosion and rust inside the brass. The kitchen has a lot of fumes, and the greasy and cleansing of the hands when washing the dishes often requires cleaning the faucet. If the cleaning method is not used in the correct way, it is likely to damage the plating layer of the faucet, causing the faucet to be corroded and rusted. If you want to choose a full copper kitchen faucet, be sure to have excellent plating, otherwise it will easily cause rust corrosion of the faucet.

Now some manufacturers use high-quality 304 stainless steel to make the faucet. Compared with pure copper faucet, the faucet made of high-quality stainless steel has lead-free, acid-proof, alkali-resistant, non-corrosive, non-release of harmful substances and will not pollute the Tap  water source. Features, and stainless steel faucet does not need plating, it is not easy to rust, hardness and toughness are more than twice as high as copper products, so it is very convenient to clean. However, due to the difficulty in processing stainless steel, current high-quality stainless steel faucets are usually relatively expensive.

Third, we must pay attention to whether the nozzle can take care of both sides of the sink.

Pay attention to the length of the basin and the faucet when purchasing. If the kitchen is a double basin, pay attention to whether the length of the nozzle can be rotated while taking care of the sinks on both sides.

Now most kitchen faucets can realize the left and right rotation of the faucet body, and the faucet part, the pull-type faucet can extract the faucet and facilitate cleaning to all corners of the sink. The disadvantage is that it must be vacated when the faucet is pulled out. Only hand to hold the faucet.

Fourth, it has an anti-calcification system and an anti-backflow system.



Why do you need a Pure Drinking Water Tap?

1. Scientific surveys show that according to a survey, tap water contains more than 2,100 toxic chemicals. Once people use contaminated water, the waste, toxins and heavy metals must accumulate over time and be stored in the human body.

2. In order to prevent bacteria in the water, the water plant added chlorine in the process of treating the water. The water quality in the swimming pool also increased by 3 times, so that the skin could not be loaded, and the disaster was usually caused after the water was affected. Quickly reply and add more chlorine to qualify the water. According to a meeting of the American Chemical Society held in Anaheim, Southern California, the long-term flushing of hot baths is a health hazard. When bathing, the human body is directly exposed to toxic chemicals (chlorine), which are evaporated from the water and absorbed directly from the skin. The amount of chlorine inhaled in the bath is as high as 6 to 100 times, and its content is much higher than that in the human body. The water plant must be disinfected with bleaching powder, ie chlorine gas, and residual chlorine and water produce carcinogens such as “trihalomethanes”. Japan’s Professor Ichio Ichio pointed out that “washing vegetables with chlorine-containing tap water not only destroys vitamins, but also absorbs chlorine into the human body. The water flowing out of the faucet, the residual amount of chloroform exceeds the standard.

3, the danger of rust on the human body: urban construction experts announced that the most direct cause of water pollution is precisely the link that has not been valued - the accumulation of rust at the end of the tap water pipeline; in the detection of tap water, the content of super heavy metals is Too high a rust content is the first indicator of water pollution. Rust pollution has become the biggest hazard to people in tap water pollution. Experiments have shown that the main cause of the incidence of liver disease in urban people is that the iron oxide in drinking water is indispensable to the human body. However, too much iron ingested by the human body can cause many diseases. The most direct and most harmful is the damage of iron oxide to human liver.

4, the harm of heavy metal faucet to the human body; some inferior faucets seen on the market now contain lead and other heavy metals exceeding the standard, the harm to the human body is very large, especially for infants and young children.

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