What to do When the Tri Flow Kitchen Faucet is Broken

- May 09, 2018 -

Home life is inseparable from the word “hydropower,” and two elements, water and electricity, are indispensable, especially water. Since ancient times, water has always been a necessity. Today, our domestic water supply comes from faucets. Whether it is an ordinary faucet or an electric faucet, it’s The frequency is very high, long time, it will inevitably leak, damage? So, what if the kitchen faucet is broken? If it is only a minor problem such as water leakage, it can be repaired directly, but if it is the entire water tap. If it is broken., we should to replace the tap! How to change the kitchen faucet?

First, the structure of the Tri Flow Kitchen Faucet

The faucet is composed of a main body, a valve core, a handle, a water filter, a water outlet, and a mounting assembly. Some faucets also have check valves, bubblers, fixing bolts, fixed copper sheets, gaskets, bent legs, hoses, pass rules, check gauges, etc. Different taps will be different.

Kitchen faucet features:

Multi-function kitchen faucet: If there is a hot water line in the kitchen, this faucet should also be double-connected. In addition, the kitchen faucet outlet is higher and longer, and some hose designs are also available for washing food.

Second, how to change the kitchen faucet

Hardware and faucets are used every day, and wear is inevitable. Just swap out these pieces, add a new product replacement, some personality design and more powerful features that can make the kitchen have a significant difference.

1. As we all know, the Tri Flow Kitchen Faucet generally has a general switch under the faucet. Before the replacement, the general switch can be turned off. If the kitchen faucet does not have the overall switch, it needs to be outside or on the balcony. The water tower turns off the main switch. In the first place, the first step is to turn off the main switch and cut off the water supply.

2. After turning off the water source switch, please go to the water pipe to find the connection of the water pipe of the faucet. You need to pinch the metal connector above the water pipe, and rotate it a few times to remove the old faucet.

3. After the water pipes are removed, put them aside. You will find that the joints of these water pipes are very dirty with the wall of the pipes. There are also such pipes in the hardware store that can replace the old pipes. Because the original pipe will take a long time, it will be weathered, leaking and so on, so when you change the tap, you can also change them.

4. After removing the water pipe, please hold the song tap in your hand and turn it left and right to twist the tap.

5. After loosening the faucet, you can easily remove the plastic knob under the faucet. Then you can remove the entire faucet.

6. Put the new faucet directly on it, then open the general switch to test its use.

Third, the kitchen faucet replacement notes

There are many kinds of kitchen faucets, which can be divided into ordinary single-hole faucets, thermostatic faucets, and single-handle faucets. Different types of faucets have different points of installation.

Single-hole kitchen faucet: This is the most common type of kitchen faucet. The main points of installation are the basic ones. The installation screws of the faucet need to be fixed to avoid loosening. Now the more popular method is to fix the "spiral tube + big nut" method. As long as it can solve the problem of water extraction, basically it is enough!

Thermostatic kitchen faucet installation: The most important thing to note about the thermostatic faucet is that it has two hot and cold water pipes. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the cold and hot water pipes when installing, and it cannot be mixed, otherwise it will cause the faucet not to flow. There is also a need for hot and cold water filters.

The above is a brief introduction to how to do the kitchen faucet and how to change the kitchen faucet. I hope to help you. Because the kitchen faucets are often used, the damage rate is very high. To replace them, please also ask a special master, which is time-consuming and costly. It's better to learn how to change them yourself! Of course, before you begin, be sure to understand all the details! If you have any other questions, please leave a message and we will answer your questions as soon as possible!

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