Triflow Taps Maintenance

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Wash Triflow Taps   

1. Cleaning can be done with a mild detergent (such as dishwashing detergent). Do not use detergents containing ammonia, acid or bleach or use abrasive cleaners.

2. Rinse and ensure that the entire surface is dry.

3. Materials treated with metal surfaces should be cleaned with Windex original lotion.

Wash basin faucet

1. Please have experienced and qualified professionals to install

2, Guan Jin children are not necessarily close. Too tight will cause damage to the sealing valve, resulting in a weak faucet.

3. Water should be avoided on the metal surface. otherwise. Water will leave stain marks on the metal after evaporation.

4. Who should gently wipe the metal surface instead of wiping it hard.

5, use a sponge to clean, and then dry with a cloth to maintain the beauty of the product.

Cleaning and maintenance of the faucet

So how do you clean and maintain your home's water-saving faucet?

1. Don't be too aggressive when boiling water. In real life, the pressure of water flow impact is far greater than the ability of water-saving dragon water to withstand, like ceramic valve core faucet, to meet the "maximum flow rate of not more than 9 liters / minute at a water pressure of 0.1MPa and a diameter of 15mm" The valve core faucet, when the water pressure exceeds 0.1 MPa, the flow rate increases with the increase of water pressure, generally reaches 14-18 liters/min under 0.2 MPa water pressure, and reaches 15-23 liters/min under 0.3 MPa water pressure. Most of the water supply pressure is greater than 0.1 MPa - most of them are above 0.2 MPa. Therefore, do not make the switch too strong when using a water-saving Triflow Taps. Otherwise, it will not last long.

2. In case of water leakage, repair the water-saving faucet immediately. The quality of this type of water-saving faucet is very good when it is newly applied. However, since the ceramic seal is sensitive to hard impurities such as sand and stone in the water, the sealing surface is easy to wear and scratch - the sealing surface is worn and scratched. Drips' and once the drip occurs, the drip volume will continue to increase quickly, and the line flow will soon form, so in order to use your faucet for a longer period of time and save water, you should repair your leaky water-saving faucet as soon as possible. .

3. It is also a good method to install a constant-pressure constant-flow high-efficiency automatic water-saving device. After setting the constant pressure constant current water-saving device, the faucet can maintain the best stable flow rate under the water pressure of 0.08~0.4MPa, truly turning the concept of current limiting and water saving into reality; the faucet does not need to be adjusted during the opening process - true It can shorten the opening time and realize water saving during the opening process of the faucet; the faucet has been under the water pressure of 0.08~0.1MPa during the working process, which effectively reduces the water flow, especially the sand and stone in the water to wash the ceramic sealing surface and prolong the service life of the faucet.

Thermostat maintenance

When using a constant temperature faucet, lightly turn it off and do not use excessive force. When the force is too strong, the valve stem is often broken to damage the valve core. After a period of use, the surface of the faucet is smeared, or because the dirt in the water may cause a decrease in flow, or the temperature control is out of control, maintenance is required.

1. Contamination of the surface of the faucet: Generally, it can be wiped with a soft cotton cloth, just like a person washing his face. In order to keep the surface of the faucet bright, always use a soft cloth dampened with a neutral detergent solution, rinse with water, usually every three or two days can be cleaned once, pay attention to the surface of the faucet avoid acid and alkali.

2. Internal maintenance:

(1) Close the cold and hot water inlet valve.

(2) Use a wrench to unscrew the water inlet nut on both sides of the faucet, take out the wire mesh gasket 11, check valve 13, clean the surface of the wire mesh, check whether the check valve is working properly, if it is not normal, replace it.

(3) Unscrew the screw 1 with a 3MM hex wrench and pull the hand wheel 4 until the hand wheel and the valve core 2 pull out the faucet housing, clean the surface of the valve core 2 to filter the dirt on the net, and then let the threaded hole on the valve core The hole of the main body of the faucet, push the valve core into the main body, and tighten the screw.

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