The water flowing from the faucet is a normal physical phenomenon of white milk knowledge.

- Jul 21, 2017 -

The tap water is as white as milk and slowly becomes clear after a while. Yesterday, there were people who issued microblogs and filmed the process of water change. Subsequently, this phenomenon has aroused public speculation that some people even suspect the water quality problem.

Yesterday more than 10 o'clock in the morning, in the new Source Road, a company to work in a netizen, just from the company's water pipe received a glass, found the water in the cup white, is very surprised, immediately sent a micro-bo: "This glass of water is not clear, like milk white, static set a few 10 seconds later, milky water and slowly become clear themselves, and normal water exactly." This netizen, who is full of doubts, immediately changes

The process is photographed in real time and uploaded to Weibo. Subsequently, through the Xiamen News bloggers forwarding, this phenomenon, triggered a lot of public concern and speculation. Is it really the problem of water quality? Will it be bad for your health? In this respect, water group's technical personnel yesterday carried on the field examination. The final test result is that there is no problem with water quality, and there is nothing unusual about it. Water group technicians reflect that in the past afternoon, there is no milky white phenomenon, tap water is clear, water quality is in line with the standard. For the public to reflect, the technical staff said that this phenomenon actually occurred, but it is simply a normal physical phenomenon. "As the water piped into the air, a small amount of air inside the pipe will dissolve into the water, and the phenomenon of white turbidity will be produced under the action of hydraulic pressure." "The technician explained that after the water is left behind, it will be observed that bubbles appear, become larger, and slowly rise, and when it fades away, the water will become clear and return to normal." Therefore, it is not the problem of water quality, no adverse effects on the human body.

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