Repair Method for Contemporary Kitchen Taps Leakage

- Jun 15, 2018 -

What to do if the kitchen faucet leaks?

What can't be done without water in the kitchen to cook or cook. If the faucet is leaking, it will not only waste water resources for no reason but also affect the cleanliness of the kitchen. The following Xiaobian share some of the faucet leak repair methods introduced, and hope to help your life!

Water faucet leak repair method

1, change the axis of the Contemporary Kitchen Taps

Knowing that you know each other is not a battle, repairing a tap is the same. If you want to repair the faucet leak, you must understand the reasons for the leaking faucet. If it is because the shaft washer inside the faucet is worn, then use the pliers to loosen the capping bolt, then remove the shaft washer and replace with a new one. Enough!

2, water stop tape damage

Tighten the faucet and then use a wrench to remove the faucet counterclockwise, and then use a threaded hole to print the clockwise winding six times. After fixing it, re-tighten the Contemporary Kitchen Taps, and then try to open the switch. Water leakage will not occur.

3, faucet joint joint leakage

Remove the cap nut on the faucet and re-tighten or simply replace it with a new u-shaped gasket.

In addition, judging whether there is water leakage from your faucet can be observed by observing the amount of water from the faucet. Generally, if faucets leak more and more, then the faucet's water volume will also increase.

How about leaking taps? Kitchen faucet leak repair method we share this is over, thank you for your attention. Hope to bring help to your life!

For users who purchase electric faucets, the most concern is the safety of the product. In fact, the daily maintenance of the electric faucet has a great influence on its service life and safety. It is said that daily maintenance and maintenance must be done. .

Use a three-hole socket with a grounding wire: The quick-heating faucet should use a three-hole socket with a ground wire. Never connect a two-hole socket without a ground wire to prevent danger. When the line is not long enough, use a power strip with overcurrent protection. In addition, pay attention to whether there is a 3C mark on the socket to ensure safety.

Exhaust: When used for the first time, make the water flow through the cold water first, make the air in the cavity completely discharged, and then use the power, which can greatly increase the service life of the quick-heat faucet.

Cleaning: Always wipe the shell with a soft cloth to keep the product clean. If the tap water pressure is normal and the flow of hot water is very small, cut off the power supply and check if the inlet filter of the hot water tap nozzle is blocked. If there is a blockage, use a sewing needle to clear the hole and clean the debris to keep the water route open. Do not clean the housing or water the body while the power is on.

Hot-water faucets must be mounted vertically, and tapping or inverting can cause accidents. Because the hot water faucet is heated by the lower heat pipe. In case of an accident, stop using it immediately. Water outlets must not be connected to outlets that are not configured by the manufacturer. This is because the design and configuration of the nozzle are related to the power and temperature rise flow. Once it is changed, it will destroy the original internal design and cause functional obstacles. If water flows around the heat pipe in the engine room to transfer heat, if it is inverted, horizontally or diagonally, it will cause interference and the heat pipe will be burned.

When using hot water faucets, if you find that the indicator light is not hot, the abnormal sound must be stopped immediately. Turn off the power and contact the manufacturer's maintenance personnel in time. Professionals are required to repair and do not disassemble.

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