Prevent the faucet from leaking

- Jul 21, 2017 -

While solving the problem, I also need to know the working principle of the faucet:

The working principle of thermostatic faucet is to have a temperature sensing part at the outlet of the thermostatic valve core. In the temperature components are equipped with mud-like temperature material, the use of mud-like temperature and thermal expansion of the material, through the top rod to promote the piston (spool) and the role of the spring, so as to automatically adjust the cold, hot water inlet section ratio, so that the temperature to maintain the set.

Install the faucet correctly:

Please have experienced and qualified professionals to install. installation, the faucet as far as possible not with hard objects bump, do not cement, glue and other substances residue in the faucet surface, so as not to damage the surface of the coating gloss. If the stainless steel faucet is ready for the new building, because the water supply pipe network is newly paved, there may be gravel impurities in the water, the installation should pay attention to clear the water pipe debris, until the water quality change to install the faucet. Spin the handle of the faucet, do not force too hard, homeopathy gently rotation can, lest cause man-made damage. For the traditional spiral stainless steel faucet, do not use a lot of strength to die, so as not to damage the rubber seal layer.

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