Lead Standard of Filter Water Taps

- May 23, 2018 -

Filter water taps are a traditional product in the hardware industry and are closely related to people's lives. At present, China is building a well-to-do society. The continuous development of housing and the emergence of family heat have increased the demand for high-grade water taps.

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With the upgrading of health and safety in the sanitary ware industry, major brands at home and abroad have introduced new products for their lead-free faucets, becoming China's first truly “zero lead” faucet. So what about stainless steel lead-free taps? Many people may not know the mystery. Let's explain to you how related faucets can be lead-free and environmentally friendly.


An important indicator to measure the health and safety of a net tap is its lead content. As we all know, lead is a toxic heavy metal. At the same time, lead is a trace element needed by the human body, but once everything is too late, once the excessive intake of lead is harmful to human health, it is a child at home, and 100 ml of lead in the blood reaches 50-60 micrograms, which leads to lead poisoning. , Cause anemia, sensory dysfunction, and even life problems; For adults, excessive lead can easily lead to high blood pressure, osteoporosis and other conditions. Faucets are used as plumbing fixtures in daily life, and their quality and water quality are closely related. There are a number of poor quality taps in the country that have potential for excessive exposure to lead, which is no less harmful than melamine.

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We use water every day. The health of water affects the health of our family, and the net tap and water are closely linked. For safety and health, at the time of home decoration, we should buy a reliable, yet durable, faucet.


Consumers should purchase regular water taps from faucets when they purchase them. Faucets are related to family health and must not be coveted.

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Qualified tap products (accessories) have the following characteristics:

1. Whether the plating surface of the faucet is even and glossy, there are no defects such as peeling, cracking, scorching, exposed bottom, peeling off, dark spots and obvious pitting. The surface structure of the spray coating should be fine, smooth and uniform, with no sag, exposed bottom, and other defects. The hand feels free of burrs and sand grains. Good product with good surface coating and plating, fine structure, uniform color, polished outer surface, no bubbles, no scratches, etc.

2. Turn the spout handle, there is no excessive clearance between the high-quality faucet switch, open and unobstructed, no slip, poor clearance of the inferior faucet, strong sense of obstruction.

3. Pipe thread accuracy is the guarantee for the reliable connection of the spout to the hose or pipe. There must be no obvious defects such as dents and broken teeth on the thread surface. Pay attention to the effective length of the pipe thread and the thickness of the thread. The wall thickness thread will be compared. it is good.

4.Material. Faucet accessories include copper plated products, copper polished copper products, and more chrome plated products. Premium accessories use sand-faded copper, high-quality zinc alloys or titanium alloys, tight structure, heavier weight, thicker feel Copper is preferred for raw materials; poor quality zinc alloy recycled materials are used for inferior products, and cutting costs is reduced by cutting corners and materials to reduce costs. The structure is loose, light weight, poor bearing capacity, and light hand feel.

5.Plating. Plating coating process is related to the service life, finish and wear resistance of the faucet accessories products. The high-quality electroplating layer is delicate, bright, strong bonding, flat and compact structure, uniform plating, and low-quality brighteners on the surface of the electroplated layer of inferior products directly in the zinc alloy. On the chrome plating, dull gloss, loose structure, poor bonding, short-term easily rust, wear, blistering, spalling, scratches on the surface of the coating, burrs and wavy undulations or depressions, easy to use " The "back rust" phenomenon not only affects the appearance of the bathroom but also affects the service life. When judging, the surface coating can be observed in the light or in a bright light environment to determine its glossiness. The surface of the accessory is stroking with fingertips, and the smoothness and presence of foreign matter are raised. The product quality is smooth and flat.

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