Kitchen Water Faucet Maintenance

- Sep 20, 2017 -

As we all known is that maintain kitchen water faucet is very important for families.If we install and use the faucet correctly, it will extend its life. So there are some suggestions as follow:

First, you should follow the instruction to install the faucet, or ask for the professional technical staff help to install the kitchen water faucet correctly.

Second, when the water pressure below the 0.02mpa (0.2kfg/cm2), if you find the water flow becomes small, under the normal condition,you can clean the water aerator,it will recover as before.

Third, please don't turn on or off the kitchen water faucet too hard.

Fourth,when you want to clean the faucet, we suggest that use the water to washing the kitchen water faucet,and then use the cotton cloth to wipe dry the water on the surface of the kitchen water faucet.


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