How to solve problems caused when the faucets have used a long time?

- Apr 17, 2018 -

As a qualified Purchasing Guide, we should not only accurately and concisely tell customers the characteristics of the product, but also have the ability to solve problems for customers. The most common problem for customers is the faucet leak problem.

First, the reasons for leaking faucets: 

(1) Poor water quality Poor water quality can cause debris to accumulate in the valve core, which can easily result in tight closure of the valve plug. 

(2) Scratching The valve core is scratched due to abrasion of foreign hard materials during use. For example, when the water supply pipe is broken and then re-egressed, the water may contain rust or sand particles, which may cause the surface of the valve core to open and close. Is scratched, can not be sealed and leaking, with particular attention should be paid: When installing the tap to clean up the impurities in the clean water pipe. 

(3) Tubing Connections Water inlet hoses and faucet bodies are leaking due to improper installation.

Second, the faucet loses luster and even the plating layer of the rust faucet plays a role in preventing rust. However, this does not mean that the faucet will never rust without any maintenance. Even the best faucet, there will be many small holes on the electroplating layer that the naked eye can't distinguish. 

The difference is: With good quality products, these small holes will be less, and the aperture is smaller. However, if you do not do any maintenance, the corrosive gases produced by daily moist gas and frequently used hand-washing fluids, greases, etc. will always run in from here. Over time, the material under the plating layer will rust and ooze to the surface. The method of keeping the taps shiny for a long time without rusting is to wipe the faucet with vehicle wax on a regular basis (for example, once a month or once a month), and seal the pores on the surface of the plating layer so that moisture and corrosive gases do not enter. 

Special tip: Do not wipe the faucet with hard objects such as steel balls.

Third, the thermostat leading to hot and cold reasons: 

(1) the lack of hot water consumption occurs mainly in the use of gas-fired water heater users, and occurred in summer. Since the relative amount of hot water in summer is relatively small, the water heater can be easily satisfied, and the ignition can be stopped after satisfaction. At that time, it ignited again. Such repeated ignition, flameout, ignition, resulting in hot water supply, no, there is, resulting in hot and cold water. Solution: Lower the fire and temperature of the water heater. 

(2) lack of power The supporting water heater power is insufficient, the required heat can not be satisfied, the solution: replace the high-power water heater garbage clogging filters blocked by the garbage, resulting in reduced water pressure. Solution: Clear the filter net at the angle valve.

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