How to Maintenance and Cleaning Instant Boiling Water Tap?

- May 05, 2018 -

1. How to clean the hot water faucet?

(1) Do not wipe the surface of the instant hot water tap with a wet towel. Wipe it with a dry, soft cotton cloth.

(2) Do not wipe the instant hot water taps with burrs. We all know that the surface of the hot water faucet or the place in contact with the water pipe is not completely smooth, or seamlessly combined, there will always be some rough areas, if you use a towel with a burr to wipe when , it is very easy to leave the head on the instant hot water faucet. In addition to being unsightly, it will rot on it. With the action of water, the hair will gradually decompose, and the decomposed material will corrode the antipyretic type. Faucet.

(3) Do not allow the instant hot tap to touch the acid-base liquid. Because the acidic solid substances can easily react with paint on the surface of the instant hot water faucet and easily react with the paint-protected metal, the instant hot water faucet will be corroded step by step, and the cleanliness of the water flowing from the faucet will be polluted at the same time. Contaminated water, whether used as a bath or drinking, can cause harm to our bodies.

2. How to maintain the instant hot tap?

(1) Normally, the car wax can be sprayed on the surface of the instant hot water faucet after 3-5 minutes to wipe, which can maintain the brightness of the instant hot water faucet, and protect the metal on the surface of the hot water faucet, avoiding the rapid oxidation of the air. And rust.

(2) It is best not to touch directly by hand, because the oil on the hand can easily touch the surface of the instant hot water faucet and it is not easy to clean and affect the finish.

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Hot water faucet working principle:

tap water into the electric faucet through the valve to promote the floating magnetic or water pressure switch, floating magnetic or water pressure switch under the action of the water pressure from the disconnection to the closed, thereby turning on the power, heating after power supply The indicator lights up, the heating tube starts heating at the same time, and the heat is transferred to tap water inside the faucet so that hot water flows out of the faucet. If the valve plug is in the off or cold water state, the internal float or water pressure switch will not start, the circuit will be disconnected, the indicator light will not be on, and the heating tube will not be heated.

Electric faucets are suitable for use in star hotels, guesthouses, public places, hospitals, homes, etc. They are ideal for your pursuit of noble and elegant life!

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Main Function of Boiling Water Tap:

Electric faucet products have fast (3-5 seconds hot water); convenient (no need to install, instant heat, hot and cold, adjustable temperature flow); safety (waterless automatic power, water and electricity separation settings) Energy saving and environmental protection (provincial water saving, no pollution); Beautiful (fashion design, home decoration); Small (do not occupy space); Multifunction (magnetization, purification); Economical (Compared to water heaters or other electric heating devices ) And other characteristics, is a necessary kitchen and household appliances in modern family life.

Electric faucet products are kitchen and bathroom appliances designed for kitchens/toilets that cannot be heated properly. They are the best choice for kitchen washing, dishwashing, cleaning, bathroom hand washing, washing, washing, washing and other hot water. . It solves the daily needs of hot water in family life and public places, so that your family can easily use hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days.

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