How to Maintain the Kitchen Faucet and Sink

- Apr 28, 2018 -

First, the correct maintenance of the sink:

1. Clean immediately after use, wipe dry and store as much as possible so that water droplets do not remain on the surface of the sink, because the high-iron content of water will cause the formation of floating rust, high-mineral content of water will produce white film.

2. If mineral deposits appear at the bottom of the tank, remove it with diluted vinegar and rinse with water.

3, can not be a long time the hard objects or rusted items contact with the sink.

4. Do not leave rubber pans, wet sponges, or cleaning tablets in the sink all night.

5, pay attention to fluoride household products, bleach, food and silver cleaners and sulfur, hydrochloric acid cleaning products have potential damage to the sink.

6. Note that the gas released by the bleach or chemical cleaner in the kitchen cabinet will corrode the bottom of the sink.

7. If the photographic chemistry or iron flux is in contact with the tank, the tank must be flushed immediately.

8, can not be a long time bubble, mayonnaise, mustard and salt foods placed in the sink.

9. Do not clean the sink with iron rings or rough cleaners.

10. Any wrong use or incorrect cleaning method will cause damage to the sink.

Second, the correct maintenance of the sink

1. When using the sink for the first time, discharge water for 5-10 minutes, drain the water containing rust from the water pipe, and clean the surface of the sink with a soft cloth. It is best to test the water 2-3 times every other day to ensure that the rust water is discharged cleanly.

2. The construction personnel are required to wrap in a plastic bag after installing the sink. After the decoration is completed, the plastic bag should be used again. 3, do not use strong acid alkali cleaning items in the tank, after each use the tank body clean and wipe dry with a rag.

4. If there is floating rust on the surface of the sink, wipe it with talcum powder, derusting water or 300# sandpaper in time.

Any product needs your maintenance, if you use it to achieve the above aspects, your home stainless steel sink will be used often new, it will certainly be a good match for your family to cook delicious food.

The knowledge of Sink:

1. Sink material: Features: anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, long service life, commonly used new, life up to 30 years. Some manufacturers do sinks, in order to have an advantage in price competition, and the use of nickel, 202,402, stainless iron, the quality of such materials, although there will be no quality problems in a short time, but the surface of the sink will be discolored for a long time, easy to be corrosion. The high fouling rate is not easy to clean and it is easy to breed bacteria.

2. Welding process: The sink is divided into three types of welding, bottom welding, butt welding, and integral molding.

3. The depth of the sink: The depth of the bowl in the high-grade sink is about 18 to 24CM, and the general sink is below 18CM.

4. Surface treatment: generally divided into three types: sandblasting, drawing, pearl silver surface.

5. Underside spraying: generally divided into three ways: dry spray, oil spray, water spray.

6. Automatic control: generally divided into three types: pull type, pressure type, rotary type.

7. Double flanging: generally divided into three types: large round unilateral, right angle flat edge, small R angle flanging.

8. Underwater fittings: silver ion PP large-diameter drain pipe, the national standard water pipe to reach 50mm.

9. Patent trash: generally divided into four types: above table type, under counter type, underground type, sink type.

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