How to Install Three Way Kitchen Faucet

- May 07, 2018 -

Installation Steps of Three Way Kitchen Faucet:

1. Preparation

The position of the sink is different for each family. Therefore, the position of the sink should be consistent with the volume of the sink. When ordering the table, the approximate size of the sink of the counter supplier should be informed so that the sink will not be reworked. 


2, faucet installation

Before installing the sink, both the faucet and the inlet pipe should be installed. When installing the sink faucet, not only does it require a firm installation, but no water seepage can occur at the joints.

3, place the sink

After installing some functional parts of the water tank, you can place the water tank in the corresponding position in the table, ready to start the next installation procedure.


4, began to install sink faucet

Install the faucet inlet pipe. Connect one end of the inlet pipe that was previously installed on the faucet to the water inlet switch. When installing, pay attention to the firmness of the joint, and pay attention to a detail that is the location of the hot and cold water pipes. Do not mistake the right or left.


5, install the overflow hole of the water pipe

The overflow hole is a protection hole for avoiding water overflow from the water tank. Therefore, when installing the water pipe under the overflow hole, pay attention to the sealing of the water pipe to the joint of the tank body, and ensure that the water pipe of the overflow hole does not leak water.


6, install the filter basket of the water pipe

Under the filter basket under the installation of the water pipe, the main attention to the connection between the water pipe and the tank body, not only to be strong, but also to seal.


7, install the whole drainage pipe

Usually people will buy two sinks with filter baskets, but the distance between the two downcomers is far and far. When the workers are installing, they will cut the supporting drainage pipes according to the actual situation. At this time, pay attention to each interface. Between the seals.


8, install the hanging piece reinforced tank

After the sink is placed on the countertop, it is necessary to install a matching hanging piece between the tank body and the countertop to install the sink securely so as to prevent the tank body from shaking around with small gaps.


9, installation and finishing

Drainage test was conducted. After the basic installation was completed, the filter basket was also installed and the next experiment was started. When doing the drainage test, it is necessary to fill the water tank with water, and test the drainage of the water under the two filter baskets and overflow holes. When draining water, if any water seepage is found, it should be reworked immediately to ensure that it will not be used in the future.


Seal the edge of the tank, and after finishing the drainage test, make sure that the tank is sealed without problems. When sealing with silicone, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the sink and the table is even and there must be no seepage.

Tips about buying a three way kitchen faucet:

1. First look at the appearance. The main body of the sink faucet is forged from brass, bronze (or copper alloy), polished and polished, and then chrome-plated and other appearances are punished. Fast hot water tap prices. The main body of the product is casting and appearance penalties are quiet and serious process requests, over the water heating faucet. And through the neutral salt spray experiment, there should be no rust in the corresponding period. Ever since you choose the leader, you should pay close attention to its appearance, touch your hands without burrs, I heard that the hot tap. Looking no pores, corrosion, no oxidation freckles, bright and glossy, how to buy bathroom hardware accessories, faucets, stainless steel sink. Think about the thickness of the coating. The outer coating of the faucet is galvanized, titanium plated, painted, etc. The thickness of the coating is better, and the appearance of the coating can be viewed with light or bright. That is, hot-water faucet agent. Imported lead plating is thick and does not easily fall off and oxidize. Faucet. Plating layer should be love film, want to know the pendant. Electroplated layers that are not wearing a film easily fade.

2. Gently turn the tap handle to see if it can be easily activated. It's better to look at the sink faucet that has a watertight switch that is seamless, tight, and not slippery. The bad gap is large and the sense of resistance is large.

3. Tap the sink faucet body, can sound boring, and carefully look at the faucet interface, whether it is a copper body, if the sound is loud when tapping, it is not stainless steel, of course, worse. Then look at the various parts of the faucet, mainly to see whether the assembly of components is precise, and create an electric faucet. The valve body and handle of a good faucet are all made of brass and have a heavy weight and a sense of dignity.

4. Review the components of the faucet to see if the assembly can be made with precision. The single-lever faucets are usually shipped with assembly dimension drawings and interpretations. Before the assembly and utilization of goods should be opened to review the quality of the packaging, etc., so as to avoid the "three none" products. If you are importing goods, you should pay more attention to it. In addition, it should be reviewed whether the parts are in good condition. Usually the parts should be equipped with:

(1) a full set of solid bolts and solid copper sheets and gaskets; 

(2) a full set of pull-up water dispensers; 

(3) two inlet pipes. The main body of the faucet is generally forged from brass, bronze (or copper alloy).

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