How to Clean Three Way Faucet

- Nov 08, 2017 -

You can use commercial products like 409, soft scrub, but also you can use vinegar and water base to clean the three way faucet.Today, we will going to use 409.I’m just going to give it a good spray. And what a lot of times I’ll do, is I’ll spray and do something else, like clean the toilet, or do something else an then come back. Many times the calcium buildup around the edges of your faucet and the base of your faucet, and then down in where the handles join the base, you can have a calcium buildup, or just a lot of dirt. So you just want to take your toothbrush, and go around, really clean all the crevices. And just where the water comes out, there’s a little bit of wire netting, so I will clean that, and then just with a cup of water or with your hand you can just rinse really well, you want to get that chemical, that cleanser off really well, and I’m just going to, the quick easy way, with my hand, and then come back with a dry paper towel, and you want to just polish it dry. Now of course, in working with water, you want to be sure anything electrical is not up on your counter, since you’re splashing water up on it, you want to get all your electrical off, so there won’t be any type of shocking problem. 

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