How to Choose Three Way Mixer Tap?

- May 18, 2018 -

Although the faucet is a simple hardware accessory, it is used very frequently in daily households and it is widely used. How to choose the best tap? Xiao Bian to introduce everyone to the faucet purchase notes.

1, Three Way Mixer Tap material. The faucets on the market are available in a variety of materials, all made of plastic pvc material. This faucet process is simple, the quality can not be guaranteed, it is not suitable for long-term use in the home; ceramic, stainless steel, copper faucet is also very common. The copper faucet will use the chrome plating process for surface layer processing. The processed copper faucet is beautiful in appearance. The best style of the stainless steel faucet is made of 304 stainless steel. This stainless steel faucet is safe, healthy and durable.

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2, tap valve. Spool directly related to the use of the faucet, a relatively high quality faucet is usually the use of ceramic valve core, heat-resistant and wear-resistant, suitable for any water environment at home, and the ceramic material spool life is long, will not be caused by the valve core wear faucet Hourglass. The use of steel ball valve core is also quite a few. Its outstanding advantage is that it has strong pressure resistance, but other advantages are weaker than ceramic valve cores, especially when it has a short service life and is not durable.

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3, faucet environmental protection. Mainly for some time ago, many brands of faucet lead exceeded the event, in this contrast copper material and stainless steel faucets. Copper faucets are mainstream products. Most of the European and American high-end brands use copper as raw materials. The advantage is that the production process is mature, beautiful, high grade, and copper has bactericidal and antibacterial effects, but the lead content is large. Stainless steel faucets are resistant to corrosion and difficult to rust, but they have high production costs, immature production technology, and high hardness, and the valve core is susceptible to wear and susceptibility to chromium and other substances.

4, faucet flow. Qualified taps are usually equipped with a bubbler. The purpose of the bubbler is to make the water soft and comfortable, the splashes do not splash, and water can be effectively saved. When shopping, it's best to pick a faucet with a bubbler.

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5, tap weight. Weight is not the same as mass, but in most cases, the heavier the faucet, the better it will be. When picking a faucet, pick up the faucet, feel the weight, and if it is too light, it means that when the product is produced, it is cost-effective to cut corners.

6, the tap surface. The faucets on the market will be treated with surface processes. The stainless steel is polished and brushed. Check whether the surface of the faucet has burrs, pores, corrosion, and oxidation spots. The copper is polished and plated. Check the plating thickness and the plating effect when selecting.

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