How to Choose Low Lead Kitchen Tap Mixers

- May 31, 2018 -

Part1: Understanding Health Hazards

Recently, many domestic and international famous brands of tap products have been detected excessive lead content. If people drink tap water that has been contaminated by taps with excessive lead for a long period of time, they may unknowingly absorb excessive amounts of lead, which can cause heavy metal poisoning and incalculable damage.

First, concerned about the problem of excessive lead in taps

The results showed that there were 21 batches of unqualified products in the 68 batches of spout products that were sampled in Shanghai in 2013. There were 7 batches of products that detected excess lead or chromium. The most serious lead precipitation amounted to 173 micrograms per litre, 34 times the national standard. Compared with the previous survey, the lead plumbing exceeded the standard.

Second, why the problem of excessive lead has repeatedly increased?

It is understood that the lead content is different between international and domestic standards. The United States has specifically promulgated a lead-free bill for water taps, which stipulates that lead shall not exceed 0.25 percent in lead content, and European and American countries are also actively formulating relevant laws. However, in China, the standard of lead content in water dragons has not formulated a unified legal provision. The current standards are recommendations only and are not enforced, which intensifies the problem of excessive lead.

3. Why is there lead in the Kitchen Tap Mixers?

 Kitchen Tap Mixers are mainly made of copper alloys. In order to save costs and increase production efficiency, some companies add a certain amount of lead to the production and processing of copper alloys. Lead elements can form a protective film in contact with air, and lead in the protective film under long-term scouring. The molecule may precipitate.

At the same time, since tap water uses chlorine as a disinfectant, the residual chlorine in the water will accelerate the aging of the tap and the precipitation of lead. The use of brass Kitchen Tap Mixers and water pipes for more than 5 years generally leads to a large increase in the amount of lead released.

IV. Prevention of lead poisoning

Lead is a heavy metal element that harms human nerves, blood, bones, digestion, and reproductive systems. It is designated by the International Cancer Organization as one of the carcinogens. Lead poisoning is the most serious damage to the nervous system, which can lead to unresponsiveness, decreased intelligence, and decreased memory. Lead is particularly harmful to children. The absorption rate of lead is 8 times that of children. Lead poisoning seriously affects the intelligence and physical development of children.

Part2: Health is the most important

We use water every day. The health of the water affects the health of our family. The faucet and water are closely linked. For safety and health, at home decoration, we should also purchase a reliable, water-saving and durable faucet.

First, look for brand protection

When consumers purchase taps, they should go to the formal market and buy well-known brands, so that they can choose to rest assured products. Using a tap is a matter of family health. It must not be cheap. Regular faucet packing boxes should have brand identification, quality assurance and after-sales service instructions. Remind everyone to buy it must be careful, in order to protect the lead content does not exceed the standard, try to choose stainless steel faucets.

Second, observe the surface coating

In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized, the Kitchen Tap Mixers will be plated with a layer of nickel or chromium on the surface after being polished. Nickel or chromium has the function of resisting neutral hydrochloric acid, protecting the faucet from corrosion for a long time. When purchasing, look in a well-lit place. The surface of the faucet is free of oxidized spots, no air holes, no missing plating and blisters, and scorch marks. The uniform color without burrs and sand grains is a good product.

Third, pay attention to the internal structure and material

When purchasing, please read the instructions to understand the internal structure of the faucet. Ceramic faucet faucets are recommended. They are made of high-durability ceramics. Even 60 pounds of water pressure can be switched freely without leakage. For washers, the recommended washers can withstand hot and cold water pressure without leakage.

Fourth, check the leading switch structure

Finally, check the design rationality of the product. First move the switch a few times to see if the parts fit tightly and tightly. When turning the switch, feel soft. If the hand feels astringent or frivolous, it indicates that the assembly structure is unreasonable. When such a faucet is used, there may be insufficient water, or water leakage may occur when the water pressure increases.

Part3: Health Tips Daily Conservation Coupons to Reduce Lead Exceeding Hazards

Due to market confusion, it is difficult for consumers to choose lead-free tap products. In this regard, we can adopt some clean conservation tricks in daily use to reduce the risk of lead exceeding the standard.

First, the water is learned to ensure healthy drinking water

Experts suggest that when you turn on the faucet every morning, you can leave it empty for a while and dress it up to flush the toilet, mop, etc. Because the water when the faucet was just turned on often has more harmful substances, such as precipitation of more lead. Similarly, taps that have not been turned on for a long time cannot be used immediately for drinking.

Second, the longer the lead precipitates, the more regular replacement

Replace the faucet regularly. Nowadays, chlorine is used as a disinfectant in tap water, and residual chlorine compounds in water will exacerbate the precipitation of lead in taps. In general, copper alloy faucets have been used for more than five years, and the amount of lead precipitated has greatly increased. Therefore, it is recommended that the taps in residents' homes should not be used for too long.

Third, diligently clean up Remove screen impurities

If a period of time is used, it is found that the amount of water is reduced, and even the phenomenon of the water heater stalling may be due to the water and sand plugging of the screen. At this time, gently unscrew the sieve cover at the outlet of the faucet to remove impurities. In general, cleaning impurities on the screen regularly, up to three months, is better for family health.

Fourth, cleaning the faucet

To protect the faucet coating, wipe it with a wrung, soft cotton cloth. Do not wipe it directly with a wet towel to prevent it from leaving scales. Do not wipe the damaged coating with a burr. To avoid letting the faucet run into acid-base liquids, spray a neutral cleaner on the soft cloth and gently wipe the faucet.

Fifth, to prevent the aging of the coating using protein insurance

The gold-plated part of the gold-plated product is extremely easy to peel off and loses its luster, and the protein can be used to maintain the gloss of the coating. The protein is beaten with an egg beater to a slightly bubbling state. Then the faucet is washed with warm water and wiped dry. Then, a little protein is added and gently rubbed on the gold plated portion to protect the coating luster.

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