How to Choose a Fully Automatic Faucet

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Fully automatic faucet working principle

The automatic faucet is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared region of the faucet, the infrared ray emitted by the infrared ray tube is reflected by the shackles of the human hand to the infrared ray receiving tube, and the signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is processed. Send to the pulse solenoid valve, the solenoid valve receives the signal and then opens the valve core according to the specified command to control the water output of the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset by the internal spring. Control the water shutoff of the faucet.

Automatic faucet classification

According to the power supply mode, it is divided into AC automatic faucet and DC (battery) automatic faucet.

AC automatic faucet: automatic induction faucet that must be connected to AC power.

DC (battery) type product: It has the function of battery under voltage warning. When the battery is low, the indicator light is always on (the indicator light is flashing during normal voltage sensing). At this time, the sensor stops working, prompting to replace the battery in time.

Induction faucet function

1. Intelligent water saving: automatic induction control is turned on and off, and the hand or container, washing items, etc. are put into the sensing range. When the infrared area of the faucet is sensed, the faucet can automatically discharge water, and when it leaves, it stops.

2, convenient and hygienic: no need to touch the faucet, can avoid the bacteria attached to the faucet.

3, intelligent power saving: using modern digital technology, DC type uses 4 section 5 alkaline batteries, convenient and practical.

4, easy to maintain: built-in filter, can avoid impurities remaining in the solenoid valve, affecting work.

Induction faucet selection tips

1. Appearance: The faucet body is made of all-copper casting, and the surface should have a smooth finish. The coatings of regular products have specific technical requirements and pass the salt spray test. The surface must be free of burrs, no pores and no oxidized spots to prevent the purchase of zinc alloy faucets.

2. Induction module and valve body: The induction circuit is an integrated circuit board, and the sensing distance can be intelligently adjusted; the service life of the solenoid valve must be more than 300,000 times.

3, after-sales service: after-sales protection, ability to solve problems in a timely manner.

4, brand: it is recommended not to choose the same brand of sanitary faucet with sanitary ware, because the sanitary ware manufacturer's main business is sanitary ware, faucets, and pendants, etc., does not have the production qualification of induction faucets, so more than 95% of sanitary ware manufacturers in China Or the leading manufacturers are processed by other induction sanitary ware manufacturers, which are not reasonable in terms of price and service, especially the subsequent service cost is high and the service ability is poor. Top ten brands of induction sanitary ware >>

5, details: the product has a regular brand and packaging, the internal line plug must be waterproof plug, reasonable design, easy maintenance.

6. Qualifications: There are quality inspections of authoritative organizations, manufacturers with certain production capacity, development scale, professionalism and engineering cases.

7. Maintenance: Clean the faucet body with a soft dry cotton cloth; if the faucet body is loose, fix the faucet in time; clean the filter regularly.

Sensor faucet cleaning

1. Do not use hard or thorny items to wipe the faucet.

2. Do not wipe the surface directly with a wet towel.

3. Do not put the faucet on a hard object.

4, can not be cleaned with acid, alkaline cleaner.

Sensor faucet maintenance

1. You can use car wax to wax on the surface of the faucet to maintain the measurement of the faucet.

2. Try not to touch the faucet directly with your hands, because the oil will get on the fauce

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