How to Change the Stainless Steel Filter RO Faucet Valve

- May 30, 2018 -

How to change the Stainless Steel Filter RO Faucet Valve

Method one: Close the main water valve first, and then put a red and blue mark of 8 mm on the handle of the faucet, buckle it down, loosen the fixing screw counterclockwise with a flat-head screwdriver, take the handle, and open the faucet with a loose wrench. The valve plug opens the upper part of the cover with a wrench and removes the ceramic valve plug inside.

Method 2: Close the main water valve first. You can use a screwdriver to insert the handle under the faucet and pull it up and down. Use a screwdriver to pull it sideways. Slowly and evenly, use force so that you can remove the valve plug.

Method 3: Close the main water valve first, and unscrew the blue cover on the right handle. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw inside. Take off the handle to expose the valve plug. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the valve plug.

How to replace the new valve?

After removing the valve plug, you will see a blue rubber eraser on the bottom of the valve plug. It is customary to have a red rubber at the bottom of the left valve plug and a blue eraser at the right. Therefore, when changing the right valve core, it is still necessary to use a blue rubber valve core. After the valve core is installed, the handle is inserted and the direction of the hand wheel is adjusted. When the handle is on both sides, the water is turned off, and the direction of the person standing is boiling water. Install the screw and cover the blue lid on the right. This will replace the new cartridge.

How to change the hot and cold tap valve

1. Preparation

The spool is broken, we must first buy one to replace, the replacement of the new spool must be consistent with your tap. Under normal circumstances, which brand of faucet to buy the brand to buy the valve core, can basically buy. Prepare a flat or Phillips screwdriver, or an Allen key, and prepare a pair of needle-nose pliers, as well as a knife, according to the screws of your home's faucet.

2, remove the hot and cold water button

Before replacing the valve plug, first find the water switch of the faucet, and then turn it off so as not to spray water when changing. Then find the button or plastic cap of the cold water and gently pry it off with a small blade so that you can see the screws inside.

3, remove the handle

After opening the hot and cold water button, look at what the shape of the screw is, whether it is a word or a cross flower, or a hexagonal screw, and then decide which screwdriver or Allen wrench to use. Remove the screw in the hole with a screwdriver and then remove the handle of the faucet.

4, unloading valve core

After removing the handle, you can see the inside of the valve plug, and some of the outside of the valve plug have a fixed shell cover, and remove the cover. Then you can see the clamps that hold the valve plug. There are four paws on the clamp. Hold the two pawls with both sides of the needle-nose pliers, and then turn them clockwise to remove the clamps.

5, installation

After the card is removed, the bad valve plug can be removed, then the new valve plug is installed, the previous steps are reversed, the other components are reinstalled, the faucet handle is set, and the card is punched. Water source valve, try to leak, no problem, lock the handle and install the plastic cap with hot and cold water.

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