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- Jul 21, 2017 -

Harmfulness of Lead

Lead poisoning significantly affects the human body and intelligence, more obvious to children and pregnant women, due to the physiological characteristics of growth and development, lead poisoning in pregnant women will be premature, miscarriage. Lead poisoning can affect the growth and intellectual development of infants and young people, and seriously cause dementia. We can only reduce the lead in drinking water to ensure that people's lead intake.

The role of copper

Copper is an indispensable trace element in human body, it is an important component of protein and enzyme in organism. It contributes to the metabolic process of the organism and promotes many functions of the human body. Copper also inhibits bacterial growth and keeps drinking water clean and hygienic. More than 99% of the water bacteria disappeared after entering the copper pipe for five hours. Copper is impermeable, whether it is grease, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet rays and other harmful characteristics can not pass through it and pollute the water! The use of copper tube to the health of the human body can play a positive role.

Copper exceeding the harm to human body: Although copper is an important essential trace element, but if excessive intake, also easy to cause toxic reaction. Is mainly caused by heavy metal ions of copper harm. When the human body remains a large number of heavy metals, very easy to the body of the burden, especially the liver and gall bladder, when the two organs have problems, to maintain the body's metabolism will appear disorder, cirrhosis, liver and ascites even more serious.

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