Kitchen Water Tap Mixers' Standard

- May 14, 2018 -


The most simple standard is also the most difficult to achieve. Heavy means that the use of materials can not be less (of course, there is indeed a low-end sanitary ware factory with a poor quality of copper or even alloys as a faucet, but the top factory can not do so), thick means that when you get your hands to see the inner and outer walls of the faucet It is stout and stout. Maybe someone is more concerned about sinking, but the thickness I look more important. For example, an American brand that may be known to everyone does not have a  Kitchen  Water Tap Mixer that makes me feel thick on the inside. This is the trade-off between the quality and the cost of the factory. It shows that they are the ultimate understanding of the value of the product.


The harm of lead to the human body is self-evident, especially for the child's harm is more intense. The United States began implementing the AB1953 Act in 2010 to control the content of lead in sanitary products and water accessories.


Time will tell how important the electroplating process is. We visited the international brand stores and various exhibitions. The first impression brought by high-end brands is that the electroplating process is quite good.

4.Opening and closing feel

Apart from heavy and thick, opening and closing touches are another direct result of the experience. The feeling of opening and closing should not be too loose, too loose, or too tight, too tight, too tight.

Several elements that make up a good leader

There are many elements that make up a good leader. Besides design, other points are industrial factors.


When buying a faucet, you have to ask whether it is copper or stainless steel. In general stainless steel is more expensive but not necessarily better than copper. Do not think that silver is all stainless steel, most of the mainstream style on the market is brass plating.


General gravity casting and old-fashioned sand casting have their own advantages and disadvantages. The finished casting blanks also need to be polished.


Electroplating is a particularly deep knowledge, and some brands are particularly good-looking, and some brands use less than one year to crack the coating. This is the difference in electroplating. In general, the better raw materials, casting techniques, and grinding processes, the better the plating effect. Ordinary users can not directly identify the level of plating is good or bad, only when the left hand a top brand, right hand an ordinary brand, can clearly feel the difference between them.

(4) Valve

The application of the ceramic valve core makes the life of the kitchen water tap mixers even exceed the life of the person. The top spool manufacturer is the Spanish track (sedal), or the kerox of Hungary. The general brands like to label their own spools are from several places, and the top international brands do it themselves, or from these Manufacturer customized spool.

(5)Don't buy a leader that is too small in size. Many people who don't understand, or who are in trouble, feel that big brands are trustworthy anyway. Choosing a high “price-to-price ratio” is good. Finally, the big brands will be chosen for cheaper styles. But they do not understand that the cheap style has a fatal problem - the size is too small.

(6)The size of the faucet is the most closely related indicator. 

Normally, when men wash their hands, the palm of the hand is half-fisted. The length is about 15 centimeters, and the height is about 9~10 centimeters. Take the water outlet as the center. At least 7~8 centimeters of depth and height are needed to ensure the smooth progress of hand washing. The size will not be very comfortable. In addition, the handle itself needs a width of 2 cm or more, and a space of at least 3 cm or more is reserved at the bottom to ensure that the fingers will not be aggravated when the switch is toggled. This is ergonomics. If you don’t understand it, you can recall the faucets you’ve seen in public bathrooms. The majority of public bathroom faucet sizes are not up to standard, so it’s very hard to use.

The small size and large size of the faucet vary greatly in cost, and the larger the size, the higher the probability of flaws. For better quality of life, we still recommend that you choose large-size products.

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